"When running an event, I can look to either my right or left and see the 75 year old woman in her cute running gear, the blind man being guided along the course or the man running with prosthetics and I think to myself. . .'really Dereine, that's all you got?'.  I am again focused..."  Dereine Coleman

There are so many things that motivate us on a daily basis.  My personal motivation comes from other people and their stories.  I truly believe that I meet various types of people because in my life, I am faced with various types of challenges.  Every challenge that comes into play, I automatically think of someone that I have welcomed in my life who has an answer for my experience simply from a story they have shared with me.  It's just so cool how people can help shape your life, if you allow them to.  When it comes to running, MAN. . .the most amazing people have crossed my path and they are a constant reminder of why my life, my running life is a great one!

Dereine Coleman (last week's Friday Featured Friend) shared her amazing story on why she runs and I also learned that her love for her father has been and still is a strong motivator for her.

If you are looking for motivation, you don't have to go far.  It can be standing right next to you, in a book that you are reading or a special soul that has entered your life.  You just have to "stop running" for a moment and soak it in and then get back to "building a better you" whether it is through fitness or your next 5K . . .
Dereine Coleman writes:  I ran my very first marathon in 2006.  In June of 2002, I donated my kidney to my father who unfortunately passed away in 2005.  I was devastated and running became more important to me than ever.  It was after his death that I wanted to do something grand to honor him.  A friend suggested that I "upped" my running game and try the NYC marathon.  I was dead set against it initially because the thought of running 26.2 miles was never a goal of mine.  I was petrified.  Would I finish? Would I get injured? How do I train? "Blah, Blah, Blah" but the more I spoke to others who had run one and the more I trained, the more I wanted to participate.  I was running this one for my Dad.  My Dad gave his all to everything and everyone up until his last breath.  And so the morning of November 5, 2006 I laced up, had a little talk with my dad and ran my first ING NYC Marathon.  Though it took me 6 hours 18 minutes 39 seconds, I finished! I received a medal, certificate and it was magical.

Running through 5 boroughs, being greeted by thousands of spectators all rooting for you, being in one of the greatest cities in the world, feeling like a local celebrity and having an overwhelming sense of accomplishment is a feeling never to be forgotten.  A feeling I've never had from an overwhelming sense of accomplishment is a feeling never to be forgotten.  

Thank you, Dereine for sharing your amazing story!

Last, I happened to catch an episode of "Lisa Ling's Our America" last week and it's rare that I get to watch "The Boob Tube" but her story on a 97 year old woman running track definitely caught my attention.  Check out the video and GET OUT THERE!