Motivational Monday
Reasons To Get that Workout in ToDaY!
I could easily post a "motivational picture" to get you going this week but I thought I would share what goes on in my crazy head when I need to get MOTIVATED.  I really do LOVE working out but there are days when I think. . .Oh my GOODNESS. . .NOOooo I don't want to DO THIS!  But as always, I do press on and start listening to the crazy talk that goes on in my head.  Here are my voices. . .what are yours?

  • Oh, Nic, you are the instructor, you have to workout with them and you better do it right!
  • At my next 10K, I have to catch every bouncing ponytail that I can find, pass them and try to bounce my afro puff to the finish line before them. . .I better start training!
  • Nic, it's only temporary pain.  You may not be able to walk tomorrow but you will look pretty darn good in those jeans!
  • My 14 year old is making me look older and older by the day. . .gotta keep the clock from ticking so freaking fast.
  • Cellulite and me? We don't get along and doing more squats will make Ms. Cellulite go away!!!
  • The faster I start, the faster I will finish. Done!
  • I really want a donut this week. . .I really want a apple filled donut this week! Keep going and go a little farther.
  • I need a break from being a mom RIGHT now. . .just 30 minutes. . .I can run away from reality for just 30 minutes.  
  • Nic, let's get more Nike+ points today.   Not sure what I get for my 25,000 points but NIKE has me fooled and motivated at the same time! JUST DO IT!
How do you talk to yourself when you need to "get it going"? Sometimes stepping foot into the gym or taking the first step to run a mile, you already have all the motivation that you need.  Talking crazy talk to yourself doesn't always work for everyone, so do YOU!  

Happy Running!

Posted on February 11, 2013 .