Motivational Monday

The Electric Run
This weekend my family and I experienced San Diego's "Electric Run" 5K.  Talk about fun and different from any 5K that I have experienced!  This run took place at the DelMar fairgrounds and let me tell you. . .there were SO MANY PEOPLE. . .like 10,000 to be exact! From young to old, slow to fast and male to female. . .it was a HUGE running party!

The course wrapped through the Del Mar fairgrounds with lights that arched over your head and dangled through trees.  Even though it was great for families to participate in, there was beer drinking before and after the run, so you had some wild people participating.  Having said that, everyone was just having fun and all was good!  

The "Electric Run" had 10 starts because of the 10,000  peeps out there!  There was plenty to do after the run like eating, drinking, picture taking and just hanging out talking to other runners.  The one thing that wasn't cool was the price ($55-$60), not being timed for more serious runners and the finish line wasn't clearly marked.  Again, I am more of a serious runner, so these things may not have been that important for this type of race and I am definitely not mad that I participated.  

This is a great event for a large group of good friends or your family.  You can walk or run and it was literally a huge party.  My girls LOVED the event and will be talking about it for quite some time.  My youngest daughter already wrote her Monday report on the Electric Run and my teenage daughter enjoyed the atmosphere and music throughout the run.  Sign up for next year's event or check out their upcoming events in different cities!  In the meantime. . .happy running!


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