Obesity is up for a good fight and when you learn more about my friend Carisse Crossland, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  Carisse's ultimate goal is to lead the world to a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Carisse has earned two bachelor degrees from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. . .baby! Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.  She is currently certified through ACSM, NSCA, AFAA, Schwinn Cycling and Les Mills Body Pump. . .whew. . .all the weapons she needs to get you in shape.  Carisse is determined to spread the knowledge and continue her passion in southern California where she is currently the Fitness Director at San Diego Tech Center,  teaching group fitness classes at SDTC and 24HR fitness.

Carisse is definitely a fitness expert and wanted to be challenged in a different way.  Carisse decided running would be that challenge so, she decided to train for a marathon. . .why not?

"I had not run any race longer than a 5K before I decided to run a marathon. I started doing small runs on the treadmill and kept talking a co-workers who had done longer training runs on the strip of Las Vegas.  I decided to join him and off we went.  We trained for the Las Vegas Marathon and it was such an exciting time and I have to honestly say I would not have done it without my running partner.  Training with others is SO important and crossing that finish line is so rewarding!

Just to let other women know who want to start running, running is not comfortable at first.  You have to let your body adapt and get stronger.  One day you will come to the realization that your body is now efficient to run and it isn't SO challenging.  Enjoy this process! Running will change you and the moment you cross that finish line, every training run, every step, every emotion was well worth it!"

Carisse has been running for 5 years and when she works out, it makes her feel strong, happy, healthy, inspired, thankful and determined.  "Seeing changes in the body from hard work makes it all the more fun AND motivating.  I love treating myself like a science experiment and seeing what variables I can change and what that change concludes."

Carisse has been in the fitness industry for about 10 years and she absolutely loves it! "I never work a day in my life.  I am truly blessed!".  Inspired by her family.  "We are a very strong and close family who cheers each other on.  We are each other's cheerleader and it's a big circle of inspiration.".

Carisse is not only beautiful on the outside, she is so much more from the inside.  She is one of those people that when she smiles, the light definitely shines through and you know there is so much more!  It's one thing to have a good life but to have a beautiful life is to have a blessed life and that is what Carisse has.  Carisse, keep inspiring, keep moving and keep kicking obesity's butt everyday!

Happy Running!