Going into the weekend along with the bad weather, it's time to turn on the WEEKEND WORKOUT WARRIOR and head to the gym.  If you are able, don't let the bad weather stop you from getting your workout on.  There are still a lot of things you can do outside with the right, added equipment.  Also, with so many great classes and innovative gyms out there, you can definitely get a good workout in and possibly meet some great people.

Here is a great cardio workout that you can do at the gym.  If you want to add a strength training workout, talk to your gym's trainer and let them show you all the great options.  From TRX, resistant tubes to those good old fashion weights.  .  .there is something there for you!
30-45 minute cardio workout

1 minute warmup
5 minute pace pick up (start to pick up your warmup pace)
1 minute warmup pace
10 minute run (a pace that will break a sweat and start heavy breathing)
1 minute warmup pace
10 minute run (same as before) + 1.0-1.5 incline
1 minute warmup pace
5 minute run + 1.5 incline 
(add another 1 minute warmup pace with 10 min run=45 min workout)
2 minute cool down. . .walk

You can do a similar workout with the elliptical machine by adding more resistance when you pick up your pace.  The elliptical is a great way for an injured runner to stay on top of their cardio workout.  

Happy "GYM TIME"!
Posted on January 25, 2013 and filed under "gym workouts", "runners", "running workout", "weekend workout".