Motivational Monday
Rainy Day Sunday!
My passion for running continues and even though I didn't do a lot of running at the end of 2012, 2013 looks bright and promising already!  Last year, I became so busy with family, work and "other", running took a back seat to my daily routine.  I knew I missed it because I would see early morning runners and quickly become jealous and think very evil thoughts! LOL!. . .no seriously.

So far this year and for all of December 2012, I have pushed myself back into running.  I had to let go of the idea that if I didn't get it done at 5am it wasn't getting done.  Now if there is an hour to spare at ANY TIME during the day, it's going to happen.  But what really pushed me was a cold I caught right after Thanksgiving.  First it was a simple cold that turned into some kind of virus and then an irritating bronchial infection.  My asthma was out of control and this went on for weeks!

Once I started to get better, MAN. . .was I WEAK! I would teach my classes and lead boot camps feeling like a little girl with no power or strength to hold my own.  I had attended a couple fitness conferences and could barely do a push up and actually lost some weight.  Being skinny with no muscle is just not a cute look, unless you. . . nevermind . . .not going there!

Blue Skies on Saturday, not Sunday!

When you are in running motion, you are working so much more than just your legs.  You are increasing your heart rate, working your inner shoulder muscles and exercising your bi-cep and tri-cep muscles.  If you are running properly by driving your knees up and pumping your arms,  the core becomes tight and starts to build hard-core strength.  Moving down to your legs, your quads and hamstrings are assisting each other controlling your movement and stamina.  Your calf muscles are getting stronger and developing into nice round shapely muscle as you push off with the balls of your feet and landing through with your heels.  Your entire body in motion is just a work of art.  Whether you are running, biking, swimming or climbing, the human body is an amazing machine!  

Sunday morning, my running high continued.  I had it all set up.  I was to run at 7am and then head out to teach my indoor cycling class RPM at 9am.  My running partner informed me that it might be raining and I didn't want to hear all that because I just got my new KICKS the day before. I was ready to break them IN!!! Needless to say, it did rain and after a LOT of thought. . .I DID run! I have to admit, I didn't want to because it was SO COLD but my Twitter buddy Andee @LAEasyMeals came to my mind!  Andee ran last week in the rain and tweeted about how amazing it was.  I thought, if Andee can do it, I can do it! I grabbed my running jacket, new shoes and headed out (thanks for the motivation, Andee!). . .yes, I had everything else on as well.  HA!  The first 10 minutes was NO JOKE but once I got going, it felt fantastic!  No one was out  and 20 minutes into it, it was just me, soft rain drops and all my nutty thoughts about life!  I am so happy that I did it and this run alone has set me up for the rest of the year.  I feel stronger for doing it and ready to conquer 2013!!!

Happy Running!