Not sure about you but Monday's are always hard for me.  I get too comfy during the weekends and if I get into a "vege" mode. . .I feel sorry for Monday.  But this weekend, I received a couple of weapons to get me going!

What's great about being a fitness instructor, I get to meet so many different people with so many different goals.  On Saturday, I met Robert and he had never taken my class but had been taking BodyPump for quite some time.  He whipped out a picture of himself, a before and after pic.  Robert had lost over 50 pounds within one year! Robert started to take BodyPump several times a week and he decided to become vegan.  He was so excited to be in the class, he just put me in another "state of mind" all weekend.  This guy has not only met his goal, he continues to work on himself and maintain what he has accomplished.

My view on the rain this weekend!
I know that a lot of cities are experiencing bad weather right now and it gets tough to get out and do the things you love to do, like RUNNING!  But flip the script this year.  I did.  I was always worried about my hair or clothes getting soaked but now, it's refreshing and makes me feel a little stronger.  At the beginning of the year I  purchased my new running shoes and was ready!  Of course, the first day of my running workout, it rained!!! AHHHH!  Normally, I would just wait and be a little discouraged but this time,  I layered up and headed out!!!  I am so glad that I did because now I gear up no matter if it is raining or not.

I came across this pic on Friday and for some reason it has motivated me in several ways.  The girl on the left. . .the hair, the body and the confidence. . .yes, it's a woman in shorts and heels wearing nothing else but her hair. . .but what IF!!! In my mind, I can get there. . .I COULD look like her. . .right! LOL! Well. . .let's just say when I do look in the mirror, I just see "Olive Oil" from Popeye, so I have a long way to go but I found SOMETHING that has motivated me to keep going!  LOL! What?

You need a beat to move your feet? RockMyRun has a new mix this morning called "The Juice".  It's an 80 minute mix with a smooth blend of swagger-filled Hip-Hop.  If you have not signed up for RockMyRun  you are really missing out on some great running workouts that will get your feet moving and your heart pounding.

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