Getting back into full training was (and is) one of my New Year's Resolutions.  I decided to start before the New Year so it was more of "getting it done" than "hoping to start" on J1! I am glad that I decided to start early because I feel myself getting stronger every day and it's pushing me to want to do more for the New Year.

One thing that I had to except late this past summer is that my 14 year old daughter is now faster than me. . .much faster! So, now when I go for my runs and she wants to join me (UGH. . .I want to scream but. . .), we agree that she is at her pace and I am at mine.  After freaking out about running with her, I have to admit, her faster pace helps me by keeping me at a pace that is definitely a littler faster than if I would have run alone.

Last week I added sprints to my workout.  I put in about 2-3 miles and then add 8, fifty meter sprints.  I ran as hard as I could concentrating on my form and foot placement.  It is a great way to work on speed and feel your body in motion.  You are not only working your legs but your upper body is getting a good strength workout.  How? When you are pushing to or AT full speed, you are pumping your arms, bracing your core and building muscle when driving those legs up and out.  Fantastic way to get in tip-top shape.

According to Runner's World Newswire, older sprinters seem to have healthier bones than older distance runners.  Why? Higher-impact, less frequent and multidirectional movement provide more of a stimulus for building bone than do the frequent, relatively low-impact stimulus of distance running (  German researchers examined 178 competitors at the 2006 edition of the European Masters Championships.  They measured bone density, lean tissue mass, and how well one's nervous system communicates with one's muscles.  The sprinters outperformed the other two groups of all measures.  The sprinters also had significantly higher bone density in their legs, hips, spine and trunk.

Now, I do not suggest going out there and just hitting the sprints right away.  Look at where you are at in your training and add a few sprints at time.  Start with 3 or 4 and gradually work your way to your top pace the first week and then push yourself from there.

Here is my running workout for this week (What is yours?)
Sunday: Cross Training
Monday: 3.5 miles (+Cross Training)
Tuesday: 25 minute run with 6 sprints (80-100 meters)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 25-30 minute run
Friday: Cross Training
Saturday: Cross Training
Sunday: 5 mile run
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