This weekend, it is NOTHING but MUSIC, CHOREOGRAPHY and WORK OUTS! I, along with 1000s of other Les Mills instructors will be rolling out the new Les Mills workout formats.  Les Mills workout formats consist of everything from strength training (BodyPump) to kick boxing(Body Combat) to Pilates/Yoga (BodyFlow). . .Les Mills covers it all and you will "GET FIT"!  

I wanted to feature all of my instructor friends this weekend and there are A LOT!  Here in San Diego, we have a fantastic group of Les Mills instructors that if you experience one of their classes, you will not be disappointed!  Each instructor goes through rigorous training, challenging not only their bodies but their minds.  When you workout with one of us. . .we workout with you!  Every instructor has their own personal and unique stories but ONE MISSION and that's to make this planet a FITTER PLANET!

I wanted to keep this entry short and sweet because I have to prepare for this weekend  myself.  My Les Mills formats are BodyPump, CXWorx and RPM.  That's A LOT of MUSIC and CHOREO but I GOT THIS, MAN!!! If you want to join me, check out my schedule on the GET FIT and MOVE page.  If you want to join any of my peeps. . .check your local Les Mills listing at your gym.  LOL!

I want to wish all the San Diego instructors. . .L M I S D. . .good luck, have fun and KIA KAHA, brothas and sistas!

Check your local fitness facility to see when your big Les Mills Launch will take place, sign up and get your workout ON!

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