From time to time, I have excessive foot cramping that I am sure starts in my calf muscle and triggers the muscles in my feet. What causes this? Over using the muscles because I am training myself, others, running, cycling and doing whatever I need to do at the time. As a runner this is not cool and you know I have done some research to help us out but REMEMBER use this information ONLY as a reference b/c I am no doctor! If you have excessive cr
amps in your foot, talk to your fitness specialist and doctor.

Here are some tips to keep your body CRAMP FREE and STRONG at the same time!

Keep your insides wet. Dehydration is a big contributing factor to running cramps in muscles. Prevention is essential in order to maintain pace, to avoid having to discontinue participation in an event and to ensure the ongoing health of the athlete. Running fora short duration requires just water, but if planning to run for a longer period of time, it's advisable to include sports drinks to keep up an adequate supply of minerals, salts and sugars. Drinking at regular intervals of say, every thirty minutes will keep dehydration at bay.
Stretch. When running cramps take hold, gently stretching the muscles can be greatly beneficial. Sparing a few minutes to do this can often prevent recurrence of the spasm and its resultant pain while the runner continues with the event. I like to stretch after a hard workout and again at night. If you have a slant board, those are the best in keeping those muscles long and flexible.
Massage. Massage is not just for relaxation or the treatment of injuries. Sports massage by a certified therapist is a great way of treating pain that can sometimes linger for hours after running cramps have occurred. Maintaining a massage regime on a regular basis can help avoid cramps and should be considered as a part of an athlete's fitness routine, particularly if he or she has a major race coming up and most particularly if marathons are involved.
Supplements. It's widely believed that potassium, magnesium and calcium can assist in the prevention of running cramps. Supplements can be taken but scientists suggest that athletes' diets are so well managed that they probably obtain more than the recommended requirements of these elements in the foods they eat on a daily basis. Avoiding salt is also a good idea if cramps are an issue. I truly believe in Juice Plus supplements along with your choice in a multivitamin. Keeps everything flowing!
Have fun out there, stay healthy and keep moving! LET'S GO!

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