I don't know about you but Monday's are always bitter sweet! You come off a good weekend and teh next thing you know, you start to watch the clock on Sunday starting at 12 noon KNOWING what is right around the corner.  For me, it's the mommy and wife thang, the work thang and then the run/workout!  We all face it and one way or another, we must get through it.  LOL!

This week, I have to tell you, I am SO MOTIVATED to get moving and grooving.  I don't want to wait until the new year because ideas, people and places are fresh in my head now.  New Year's resolutions, to me can set you up to fail and I hate that feeling. . .trust me. . .it's just a feeling, you can always start over.

What if you visualized an "impossible you".  In my head, I can see this incredible individual doing amazing things.  Sometimes, it's just helping other do little things to get through the day and then there are other times I can actually see myself flying.  I know that sounds crazy but when I visualize myself doing things that I might think is challenging to accomplish, I device a plan and go for it.  Competing against yourself is the hardest competition and for me, it keeps me focused and motivated.

I try not to concern myself with what everyone else is trying to do.  Sometimes others surpass me and if I let that get to me, I can start to lose my motivation.  I'm happy for them but they are not my concern.  My goal is my concern.  

Even though you may have a plan and the plan does not unfold the way that you want, there is a lesson to be learned and you have to learn it in order to move on and excel.  Just like the image above says, "If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up".  I am not going give up and I would hate to see you give up!  It could be a simple goal to finish a 5K or really challenge yourself to finish a marathon.  What about that promotion you might want or job that you are pushing to get.  Keep pushing and ignore what others say, no matter how many hurdles may be stacked against you.  You might be in love with someone or something and you are slowly giving up because of the obstacles that are put in your way.  KEEP MOVING and follow your instinct. If it's not meant to be,  that is OK because there is another plan for you that will grant you so much more than you bargained for. . .so stay motivated!

Happy Monday to you and Keep Moving!

Posted on December 17, 2012 and filed under "motivation".