NIKE Women's Free+ 3.0 Shield Running Shoe Retails for $110 at Sports Authority. Great shoe for the gym and functional training. It is flexible and hugs around your foot so that you can various moves in the gym!

SPIbelt is one of my FAVORITE things to run with.  This is such a simple little gadget yet perfect for all your little stuff when you are out and about OR on a long run.  It retails from $19.99-$30.00 and it's worth every penny.  

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD is an On-Ear Headphones and comes in various colors.  These headphones give high-definition sound with proprietary titanium coasted drive technology.  In other words, the music sound REALLY ReaLLY good!  Retails for $199.99-$299.99.

Under Armour long compression tights are the BEST for the chilly season.  I have mine on right now and I just love them.  You can grab them from your local sporting goods retailer and they retail for about $50.  Great item to wear to the gym or on a long cold run!

Great item for "traveling" workout warriors, the SPRI Xertube. You can use this in your hotel room, office or dare I say the airport to get your workout on! There are hundreds of exercises you can do and keep your level of strength training up. These tubes retail between $15.00 to $50.00 depending on how many you purchase at a time.

Happy Holidays, Safe Travels and Happy New Year!

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