"Throwback Thursday"
Making the Change to be a Better Runner
I want to improve my running. . .what are the steps?
You want to improve your running and need steps to get there?  No problem.  Here are a few steps to help you get started but always remember, before you start with any of these steps, it begins with YOU and what you want.  Make the change and be the best that YOU can be!    

Step 1:  Take note on what you would like to improve.  When it comes to running there are a number of things that you may list.  For example. . .improving running posture, losing weight to run more effectively, increasing speed per mile or adding more milage to a workout.  No matter what you want, it has to be realistic and you need to lay out an effective plan.

Step 2: Take a snapshot of what type of runner you are now? Did you just run your first 5K run with no training and you are now hooked to running? Are you a consistent 10K runner and you want to become competitive or jump to a 1/2 marathon/marathon? You have run several 1/2 marathons/marathons but now you want to qualify for the Boston marathon and put some serious time into training? You have to ask yourself simple, realistic question in order to move to the next level.

Step 3:  Do something everyday to reach your goal as a runner.  Even though your love for running has increased, I actually do not suggest running EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Instead, you can incorporate strength exercises geared towards runners that you can do on the days you do not run.  There are also other sports that you can do to keep your body moving like tennis, swimming or cycling to help build a stronger base of endurance.  

Step 4:  Make the change EASY and GRADUAL.  I have met and talked to SO many runners who start running for good intentions but quickly stop running due to an early injury.  When increasing the intensity of a workout, whether it be milage or speed,  it has to be thought out.  Steps have to be taken to get your body ready for a new way of training.  You have to precondition the body before you go all out and start running more miles!

Stay tuned for PART 2 of Making the Change to a Better Runner!

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