The period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is often the period of time that people become very merry to very stressed! There are dinners to be made, parties to attend and family to deal with be with! This crazy circle of events comes yearly and it doesn't seem to change that much and it starts to show right  around our mid-section UGH! But could it change? They have changed the way we shop, so why not?

Today I have listed a few "IDEAS" that can help you get through this Holiday Season feeling a bit stronger! It's all about staying active and holding on to your consistent workout schedule.  Let me know what you think?

IDEA #1:  You could shop online instead of spending an entire day in the stores.  If you make a list or already have a list of things that you are shopping for, have it delivered to your door with all the shipping and delivery specials online stores offer during the Holiday Season.  Then you can keep your fitness schedule and avoid the crowds!

IDEA#2:  IF YOU MUST be in the store, get up early and get your shopping done fast and early.  Give yourself a 3-4 hour window starting at the "crack of dawn" with your lists in hand.  Now you have a schedule and make sure you still get a good workout in when needed.

IDEA #3: Register for a local Turkey Trot or Holiday 5K and get your family/friends involved as well! What a great way to stay in shape, have fun with your family (whether some of you walk or run) and help those in need! Most of the Holiday Fun Runs are there to provide food, clothing and services to the homeless or those in need.  This is a fun way to give back!

IDEA #4:  After your Holiday dinners, YOU can get everybody going by having a family "HOLIDAY" walk.  How cool would that be to eat, rest and then schedule a family walk to burn some of those calories and start a fitness revolution right AFTER the turkey dinner has been gobbled up!

IDEA #5:  Don't just "DO" everything but be active during the holiday season.  If you are heading to the outlet malls, park a good distance away to get a good walking exercise started.  You don't stop there! No, purchase some items head back to your car and then walk back again. . .this workout is equivalent to a "cardio and lifting" workout that could last 1/2 the day! "Go shopping cardio!"

IDEA #6: Don't just "DO" everything but be ACTIVE. . .shovel your own snow and then shovel an elderly neighbor's snow.  This is similar to resistant training and weight lifting.  You can clear out the snow and help someone in need as well.  Stay active and keep moving!

IDEA #7:  If it is too cold to go outside or you think you may be snowed in. . .Fitness DVDS are a great way to keep your body moving and just DANCING around your home for an hour.  This is so much fun and if you can get family members involved it is just like having your Group Training class with a little family humor to make it worth while! . . .if anything it will make you laugh some calories away.

It's not hard to stay active during the Holiday Season but many of us choose not BE active.  It's good to rest and recharge before the New Year arrives but let's enter the New Year just a little bit stronger and fitter!