I am finally running again and it felt. . .it HURT! The first mile was a little rough and I thought about everything else I could be doing but I DID IT! I couldn't catch my breath at the beginning of the run but I finally got it under control after about a mile.  It's all good and I am happy that I did it because now I am ready for today's run and workout! I am going to run about 20-30 minutes today and then do a strength exercise.

I am training for a couple of 1/2 marathons, possibly a tri-athlon and GRIT! GRIT is a new program through Les Mills that is a 30 minute body blasting. . .get you in shape QUICK workout that I will get certified for next year.  This program is perfect for fast 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon runners.  It works your entire body through plyometric and weight training!
Ran around the Soccer Field

As for those parents that feel like they can never make time for a good run or even a nice walk because you are taking the kids here and there.  There has to be a moment when you are just sitting there waiting for your kids to end practice and head to the car.  You could get OUT of the car and walk or run during that time.  I know it's only a few minutes or too much for your to change your clothes but it's EXERCISE and it's MOVING your body! Join me in this MOVEMENT of getting people into shape and away from too many doctor visits! We need you and your family/friends need you!

Results from yesterday's run 2.57 miles / 232 calories burned / time 23:06. I averaged a 8'59"/mi which is good because those first few steps were a little nerve racking! Happy Running!

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