I am done with my excuses and ready to get out there and run again.  Even though I blog, motivate and get others out there, I am still human and have been burned out for 2 months now.  I have been running but not on a consistent basis.  Letting life matters take over my mental has never been good and it has shown in the past 2 months. Now I am ready to get out there and fight those daily demons through running.  I have some new gear, new reasons and new events to shoot for! 

What is your excuse? 
Write down on a piece of paper and then ball it up and throw it away!
Let's get back into this together! 
My run is scheduled for 5:30pm today.  I will post my results.  Let's do it!

I will be using the Nike+ Running GPS system.  Let's get it going!

Posted on November 13, 2012 .