This woman has been trying to get me to run track again for nearly 4 years! I had the honor to meet Aeron Genet and her husband Marc back in 2008 at one of the many running expos I had attended.  Even though we were both clothing vendors, I always admired and LOVED her gear!  Aeron would always say. . ."Come on, Nicol. . .you know you want to get back on that track!" I would say...ah, no. . .YES, if only I were 18 again!

Aeron Genet from Running Divas has enough running in her for the both of us.  I always enjoyed hearing about her latest events, her team and how her training was coming along.  Aeron is truly an amazing woman and I could only dream of doing half of what she has accomplished on the track. . .post college! Let me introduce you to  the Running Diva herself, Aeron Genet.

Aeron, what got you into running?
Back in 1978, I was in the 6th grade and my school held a Turkey Trot.  When the 1.5 mile race started I soon found myself in the lead with my PE coach, Ms. Norbeck who was on her bike! After winning that race, Ms. Norbeck encouraged me to run Junior High track and cross country.  I have been running ever since and what a testament to the importance of PE teachers!

Running makes me feel "connected" to the earth, myself and friends.  It's "motion mediation" where I can reflect on what's going on and solve many, many issues that continue to occupy my mind.  I love running because you can do it just about anywhere...even standing in place if necessary.  Movement is essential and running is one of the simplest ways for me to integrate this into my life.  Again, I have been running since the sixth grade only to take off from competition for about 6 years in pursuit of a corporate career.  I quickly returned when my husband and I relocated to the Central Coast of California.

Who inspires you?  My husband (coach) Marc and Linda Somers Smith (US Olympian in the marathon) who at age 51 continues to kick my butt and get close to her lifetime PRs.

What was your best track event and what was the worst? 
My best event is the 800 meters, short and sweet! In hind sight I wish I would have focused more on the 800 after my college competition.  My worst event is the 5000 meters on the track.  It's just not my strength to grind out lap after lap on the track and maintain focus/ intensity for over 12 laps in a race.
So, you are the creator and owner of Running Divas. . .what got you started?
In 2004, I ramped up my focus on track racing and surprisingly qualified for the US Olympic Trials in the 1500 meters.  Just a few months following that feat, I found myself in a boot with a broken bone in my foot that stopped my competition for the next year and a half.  This provided a window for my husband, Marc and I to channel our energies and launch a new line of lifestyle clothing for women who run.  With Marc's 20 years in the garment industry, mainly surfing and skating, we were able to apply his experience to a sport that we were both intimately involved with since our childhood.  Running Divas was launched in the summer of 2004 at the US Olympic Trials track meet in Sacramento.  For the past 8 years Running Divas has brought us to marathons across the nation and introduced us to many motivating women from all walks of life.

What advise would you give to other runners and women who workout? 
I would say. . .get a coach, stay focused and group up with friends!

Thank you SO MUCH Aeron for sharing your story and inspiring women all over the country with your running and through Running Divas
I miss seeing you but will be on the running circuit again soon and looking for you!    
I still have my favorite Running Divas
T-shirt! "Run Pretty"!

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