This weeks Friday Friend Mick Gieskes is going to share with us how he got into the wonder world of running and how he became one of the influential track coaches at UCSD.  Mick keeps people moving through his running clinics and connection with the "Movin Shoes" company here in San Diego.  Check out how Mick got into running and be inspired to become a better runner. Thank you, Mick and happy running to you. . .you are awesome!
What got you into the running industry?
I started running in High School and had an amazing experience that helped me grow as a person. Once in college I pursued other interests for 4 years and then had a happy accident of becoming a High School coach. That brought me back into the running world where I have stayed. In my search for ways to make my coaching habit economically feasible, I began working at Movin Shoes where I have learned even more about running and the community of running. More or less there were a lot of happy accidents that have brought me to my place. I have changed my coaching focus a few times, going from High School Cross Country to College Cross Country at UCSD, and now into College and Post-Collegiate Sprinting and Hurdling (still at UCSD, but also with a few exceptional post-collegiate athletes who compete for the Movin Shoes Elite Development Program).
How does running make you feel?  It used to make me feel invincible when I was really training hard. It made me strong, confident, and driven. Now it is more of a meditative practice. It makes me feel peaceful, quiet, and introspective.
How long have you been running? (what do you love most about it)??  Well, I guess the training began in 1984 when I was in High School. I was so young and had no idea what it was about or how to go about it. I have learned so much since then. I think it has taught me more than I can ever hope to teach people, but I try to do that. One can only learn the lessons that running has to offer when one is open to learning them. The lessons come in waves, but the enjoyment is constant.
Who inspires you?  I am inspired by so many people! I am inspired by the athletes I work with. I am inspired by the Elites who make running more art than sport at times. I am inspired by the 70 year old competitive team from the San Diego Track Club, still running strong and loving it. I am inspired by children who are so natural and have no hang-ups about what running is and means. Running is almost everywhere and it is all inspiring and beautiful.
Advise to other runners.  My first advice is know why you run (on a personal level) and make all of your runs connect with that. Next I would say try to enjoy every step of every run. This manifests itself differently for different people. For some it means taking walking breaks (either from fatigue or because there is a beautiful view) and for others it means that they need to push through the fatigue to reach a goal.
Also, always be safe. This is in both the world at large for general safety, but also in the world of running to prevent injury.

Join "Movin Shoes" on Thursday, November 15th for the first installment of the Elements of Running clinic.  We will be covering posture and foot strike and how proper running improves efficiency and enjoyment.  Mick Gieskes, UCSD Track and Field coach will be leading the clinic and the cost is $10.00 payable at the door.    

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