If you and/or your running/fitness group is looking for an organization to raise money for check out Stand Up for Kids in your city.  There are thousands of homeless teenagers and children on OUR streets.  Please know that the majority of these kids are NOT bad kids.  Most of these kids are running away from a very BAD situation and no one will take them but the streets.  It could be physical abuse, sexual abuse and in some cases, the parents have abandoned their responsibilities as a parent.  As I always say, NEVER judge a book by it's cover and what the volunteers do for these kids are AMAZING!

This is "by far" one of my favorite organizations.  If you can not raise money. . .putting care packets together that include water, Ramon noodles, granola bars, socks and a tooth brush is enough to let these kids know that SOMEONE out there still cares!

Happy Running and Donating!