"the top 'rocker' himself. . ."
Adam Riggs-Zeigen is guy who helps get your feet moving with a little extra motivation. . .MUSIC!!! My buddy Adam is "the chief rocker" for   I met Adam about a year ago soon after a blog entry I did on "Running and Music".  I had read an article on why you should not listen to music while training and of course, I TOTALLY disagreed and had to share my thoughts with the WORLD!. . .or at least my little world.  Adam had read and commented on the blog and that sparked a whole new conversation which lead to a meetup where we brainstormed ideas and concepts for running events! With his amazing background in music and computer programming expertise, Adam has found an amazing way to help hundreds, if not thousands of runners around the world experience a new way of running with mixes that will definitely push you to the next level.  I want to introduce my favorite "ROCKER". . .Adam Riggs-Zeigen (aka DJ Riggs)!  "Keep rock'n, Adam. . .you have a fan for life!". . .
What got you into running?
Despite being active in high school, I was a water child - captain of the swim team and a water polo player. I was never able to run very well and absolutely HATED the idea of running for any extended period of time. PE class was the worst as I could not run for a full mile without stopping and I recall my 1 mile time being in the 13 minute range.
Fast forward 15 years and several sports related shoulder injuries later, I decided that I could no longer rely on team sports to stay fit. And since the knees were still in good shape (unlike the shoulders) I figured I should start running if I wanted to remain fit.
Like most beginner runners I signed up for a race – the Disneyland Half Marathon and my running "career" began!

I began running in March 2007 with the Disneyland Half-Marathon in August 2007. Since then I have conquored a couple other half's and many a 5 & 10k.

How does your sport make you feel?
One of the best parts of running to me is that it creates a tremendous sense of confidence within you. In the beginning, as you are setting new distance records for yourself, it is incredibly inspiring. You start to believe that if you can do this, you can do anything! Then as you progress and work on getting faster, seeing your split fall, you become even more inspired. You realize you are training your brain, as well as your body, to be disciplined, focused and overcome perceived barriers. Essentially, running is a metaphor: If you can achieve goals in running that previously seemed impossible, you will apply that to other areas of your life as well.
I love running because it helps me feel alive, stay fit and I can't lie - I kinda dig that whole "runner's high" thing that happens at the end :)

What made you create ROCKMYRUN?
In a prior life I spent 14+ years as a DJ, playing in front of thousands of excited club goers, fun loving wedding guests and stuffy corporate types. When I first started training for the Disneyladnd Half-Marathon, I would put together a playlist to help me stay motivated and less bored. However what I found was that I was fiddling with my iPod a lot - skipping songs that either weren't right for how I was feeling or just because I didn't want to listen to the full 4 minutes of a song and then have the lull and my iPod moved to the next song.
So I started to created DJ mixes for my runs and found myself REALLY enjoying them. They helped me keep my pace, but more importantly, I enjoyed my runs more. I'd often be on the road or on the treadmill pumping my fist while I ran. It brought a level of fun and excitement to my running that had been missing!
Long story short, I started sharing the mixes with people, and not only did they love them, we got feedback that people were being more active, running farther, faster and longer as a result.
This was and continues to be why we put in the long hours it takes to launch this business: At the end of the day we are passionate about helping people achieve their running goals through music.
My team and I have been working on Rock My World, the parent company of Rock My Run, since December 2010. We launched into beta in June 2011, and went officially live in January 2012.

I love RockMyRun because I am able to build a business that has a direct impact on bettering peoples lives. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing feedback, positive or constructive, about what we're doing.
What is your most memorable event and one you would LOVE to forget?
I'd love to forget my first half. I had no strategy and was focused on all the wrong things. At the end I hated it, felt like crap, and swore I'd never do another one.
My most memorable was the Rock & Roll Half Las Vegas last year. I trained well, felt strong the whole way, achieved my goal time and just felt GREAT at the end (now I did get sick later since the race was at night but thats a different story)!
Who inspires you?
I am inspired by every day people. The person that runs their first 5k, when they never thought they could run a mile. The marathon runner doing 3 marathons in 3 months. The mother of 3 who still makes time to get her runs in despite the demands of her family. Those are the people that inspire me. The ones for whom it would be so easy to quit or to not follow through, yet they still find a way.
Advise to other runners and men who run . . .
My advice is to have a goal. A very specific, measurable, reasonable goal, and let nothng - injuries, time constraints, fatigue - get in your way. Almost all of the things that hold us back are in our head. Free your mind for what is possible and you will do amazing things.
And if you'd like some kick-ass music to be the soundtrack for your journey, I know where you can find some.

Adam with THE "ROCKMYRUN" crew!

Happy Running and ROCK ON!!!