So, you are looking for a serious challenge and you are not sure where to start. . .what about a 1/2 marathon in each of the 50 states?  The beautiful Nicole Blomgren wants to challenge you and it involves 50 states and 1/2 marathons AND you can join a club to do JUST THAT! Nicole Blomgren is the founder and CEO of the Fifty States Half Marathon Club in Lakewood, Colorado.  Nicole is a business entrepreneur and an evolving expert in the e-commerce business industry.  Nicole is currently working on a PhD  specializing in web-based commerce strategy for E-Commerce Business and Marketing.  Her love of running brought her to challenge others to run 50 half marathons in each state.  Nicole is also USATF Certified and loves to participate in long distance running events from 5K all the way to full marathons.

The Fifty States half marathon club is a network and group for runners and triathletes that challenge themselves and are awarded for accomplishing an endurance event of half marathon, marathon, half ironman triathlon or Ironman or combination of any, in all 50 states or 100 halfs, locally or around the world.  The club is also for ALL half marathon runners that simply want to enjoy the club benefits such as the great discount list and half marathon world camaraderie.  We currently have over 130 half marathon discounts across the nation (and growing)!

Here are  your challenges

50 States HALF Marathon Challenge™
(the original challenge the club was founded on) Finish a HALF marathon in all 50 States (plus DC optional).

50 States Endurance Challenge™
Finish a HALF marathon OR full marathon (or 70.3 HALF Iron distance triathlon or full Ironman), or combination of any, in all 50 states (plus DC optional)! We WILL ACCEPT Full Marathons and Ironman distance completions to count toward a State for this challenge.

100 HALF Anywhere Challenge™
Finish 100 Half Marathons and/or 70.3 Half Iron distance triathlons ANYWHERE in the WORLD, ANY STATE, ANY COUNTRY. This challenge will be an excellent match for either those who don't have the time or the financial means to travel as much OR want to take their challenge to traveling around the world finishing HALFs in other countries. This challenge is exclusive to HALFs only, but is not exclusive to specific states.

You can train with your normal running group or join the 1/2 marathon club and find a group that will work for you! Let's do it and have fun!

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