After being in California for 3 years (1995) and having my first baby girl, I was ready to get out there and run again. We didn't have access to the internet the way that we do now but somehow I found the L.A. Leggers.  I loved heading out to Santa Monica every Saturday morning from the Valley and running through the West Side of Los Angeles.  

If you are new to California and you want to meet real L.A. peeps and runners, check out the L.A. Leggers.  You meet some great people from all walks of life and they are definitely there to motivate and guide you through your marathon training.  No matter if you are a 12 minute pace or a 7 minute pace, there is a pace group for you.  Also, the Leggers have awesome speakers that come out from time to time giving sound and valuable advise to new and experienced runners.

L.A.LEGGERS is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. Our membership includes runners, walkers and volunteers with diverse backgrounds and experience. The organization offers members training and an educational program that enables individuals to attain their own personal goals and objectives. By following our training program, ordinary people can complete an extraordinary challenge - finishing a 1/2 or full marathon.
Our Mission:  To be the running and walking club with the premier marathon training program.
Our History:  We aim to promote physical and mental health in the community through running and walking, and we do this by providing a training program that encourages personal fulfillment and emphasizes safety in a supportive and motivational environment.
The L.A. LEGGERS program is a direct outgrowth of KNX's involvement in the City of Los Angeles Marathon as the Official Radio Station for the Marathon. Along with our complete coverage of the L.A. Marathon, we pioneered the use of a reporter [Bob Scott] running the full 26 miles 385 yards while outfitted with a radio and microphone to do reports and conduct interviews along the way. 
The Motive

While running in L.A. Marathons 2,3 and 4, it became apparent to me that many of those taking part were alarmingly under-trained. If you're walking at mile 7, chances are you're risking injury and should not be on the course. I was aware of the statistics: the Los Angeles Marathon has more first timer runners then any other large city marathon and has a high "non finisher" rate. I suggested to News Director Bob Sims that we, at KNX, really get involved. The proposal was to do something for the community, sponsor a training program for those with little or no running experience but with a desire to run the L.A. Marathon.   
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