WEIGHT LOSS "through running and exercise"

I never like the words "weight loss" or "diets" because they sound so temporary, so trendy.  If you think about it, it usually is a trend that has just hit the weight loss scene by one of your favorite starlets who found a new way of losing 20 pounds in one or two weeks or the new diet that will requires no exercise at all. Ah, yeah. . .right! 

When it comes to your weight, it should not be a trend it should be "maintenance", just like when you brush your teeth, comb your hair and hopefully take a shower.  Ha! Seriously, your weight has to do with everything about you. . .what's inside of you. Yes, it is true that when you "maintain" your healthy weight you decrease the chances of getting heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. 

Yes, it is true if you maintain your weight you have fewer problems with your joints, muscles and tendons.  What I tell my clients, we all start out the same and we all have the same skeletal frame.  Your bones are not fat or skinny. . .it's what we have piled on top of the bones that matter.

Why should you listen to a skinny little trainer? Like everyone else, weight is an issue for me as well! In 1998, I had my first baby and while carrying her, I gained over 50 pounds.  I was young and too scared to workout. I started to cook and eat a lot more than running and working out.  I have to admit, I paid for it later.  After the baby was born, I wanted my college-track weight back and it took 2 long years to get there.  With my second daughter, I was little smarter and only gained around 35 lbs., stayed active and watched what I ate.

So, what did I do and how can it apply to you? 

FIRST: I had to decide when I was ready to get back in shape.  It took a little while but after going crazy sitting in front of the TV with a baby, I knew, I had to get out and start moving. My husband purchased a jog stroller and I never looked back.

SECOND: I took one step at a time. I couldn't run like I use immediately after the baby but I could walk. Walking turned into running.  Running helped me to mentally get stronger, as well as physically. Running released "the new mommy" stress.

THIRD:  I stopped eating junk food like chips, cookies and sugary drinks.  I added more vegetables, fruit and monitored how many meals I would eat a day.  I do have a small frame and in order to lose the weight and be healthy I had to take control of what I was eating. Again start slow and eliminate ONE THING at a TIME.

FOURTH: Running was not the only thing that help the extra weight drop and build lean muscle.  I had to include weight training.  Cardiovascular workouts burn fat immediately but strength training burns fat and calories over a longer period of time.  Running 3 times a week and strength training 2 times a week is a GREAT start to "maintaining" your weight and keeping the weight off.

FIFTH: Do it for YOURSELF...Let's restate the first reason again in a different way. The only way you are going to lose the weight and make a change inyour body is by making the choice on your own.  If you are working out and trying to reshape your body for "someone else". . .you are feeding into a trend.  I am a true believe in making yourself happy first and the same applies when YOU are ready to lose weight.  Do not start a workout regime for your husband, best friend, sister or even your mother.  You start something new because YOU want to and you have found something that fits your needs.  Now if you have joined a support group that have similar goals that you have, that is fine too.  As long as you understand that this is YOUR jouney and no one elses.