I usually have a pretty good idea of what I am going to share throughout the week. It's all in my head or  sketched out on a piece of paper.  I usually have some great information to share in hopes that I can help someone out in the short or long run of things, but today. . .I got 'nuttin". . . profound or educational.  I just want to do nothing and "RUN"!

Going into a long holiday weekend, I just wanted Sunday.  Sunday was the ONE day I was going to do "nothing".  I didn't schedule a run,  didn't have an event to attend and I just wanted to chill as HARD as I could.  Well, that "chill" lasted for about two days and now all I have been thinking about in the past 3 hours is running.  So, why haven't I taken the Nike challenge and "Just Do It"? In reality, I get really busy being a wife, mom, designer and trainer.  My day is scheduled down to the minute and if I do not get my run on in the morning while others are asleep, it is not going to get done.  Every day is never my own, so when I miss the window, I miss the window.  BLAH!   

For me, thinking about running is like thinking about a brand new pair of shoes (not running shoes, pumps, my friend!) I want to purchase but don't really need.  I begin to think about my workout schedule, who I am going to run with and how it will feel the first time out after a nice long break.  I start researching new ways of training and calculate how I am going to apply it and share it all with others.  Yes, I need these things for running but not RIGHT now. 

I also start to collect things that will motivate me to run, like another new pair of running shoes.  I make sure my GPS tracker is up to date, my favorite music is uploaded and ready to go, the gear is looks good and it's functional. . .everything a normal person would not think about.  I wonder if my next run will be a 10K or do I want to grow some hair on my chest and another 1/2 marathon (yes, 1/2 not full). 
 I'd Rather Be Running because it is the only time I feel like myself whether good or bad.  Each step I take tells me a little bit about how I feel that day.  Every breath reminds me that I am very much alive and ready for anything.  When my muscles are in motion, I feel REALLY strong and even though I know I am no bigger than your average skeleton, in my mind I am a thick, muscular, super-hero type with really big ta-tas (What?)! I don't know what that's about but it's like thinking you look like Halle Berry and. . .well. . .you really don't! LOL!

I'd Rather Be Running instead of being in California traffic, going to work, picking up kids or cleaning my house.  Yes, you can image how nice my crib looks right now and yes, I love CA, my husband (today) and my kids. . .but there are days I just want to skip all that and run. Running is definitely my little escape.  How do you motivate yourself to start running again? However you do it, RUN HAPPY!

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Movin Shoes Running Centers -LM
6105 Lake Murray Blvd., Les Mesa, California
Saturday, September 8th

We are traveling out to Mount Laguna again, this time exploring Gato Ravine, the Meadow and Sunset Trail. . .runs will be of about 4 to 18 miles (routes planned out).
We will meet either at the Kiosk turnout on Sunrise Highway at 8am or at Movin Shoes in LaMesa at 7am on Saturday, September 8th!
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