(get with them and move. . .LOL)

 Running and fitness "groups" are the best way to start getting into shape.  You are around others with the same ideas and passion for what you are trying to achieve. 

When I first moved to California 15 years ago, I found the LA Leggers and loved every minute of our training runs!  There was ongoing support and I built life long relationships.  

Check out this great running group in Indiana that share some GREAT inspirational pics on Facebook.  They make you want to run and if you are an avid runner, they make you feel like "yeah, I'm a runner and I'm good!".  Find your local running or fitness group and just get started and "happy running"!!!

We are a running group that pushes ourselves as hard as we can, and encourage everyone else to do the same! The Ridge Runners Team is a group of approximately 20 runners from Northwest Indiana that share a great passion for the sport of running.  Collectively we race in hundreds of races a year.  Most of the races are local to the Calumet Region, but many of us travel all over the country to find new challenges and experiences.  We not only race as a team, we train as a team.  We feel very strongly that a team needs train together in order to push, encourage and challenge each other to our full potential.  When accepting new members, we don't just look at finish times, we accept runners who possess the enthusiasm for running and racing that we all have.  Besides speed, we also expect courtesy and integrity out of all of our members.  We strive to be viewed as running role models for new runners and for the non running community!

If you are ever in the Indiana area, check out this group! They are well experienced runners who can really get you off to a great start! "NWI, keep posting those great pics on Facebook. . .LOVE THEM!"