Rachel Hiner can walk into any room and the party starts immediately! Her spirit and personality are so alive you just can't get enough of her.  Rachel is the Race Director for Sandy Feet Events here in San Diego, CA.  What makes Rachel and her company different from the others is her "Go Green"events.  Sandy Feet Events organizes eco-friendly, social and athletic events that benefit sustainable causes and not only that. . .they are just down right FUN! I was invited to one of Rachel's events about 3 years ago to sell my athletic gear.  No matter how busy Rachel would get, she always had time to check on me and make me feel like I was a part of the crew.  For that, I will always admire her.  Here is Rachel's story and "hey. . .check out Sandy Feet Events and get out there!".

What got you into running? I ran track in high school because it exempted you from gym class and then I could have a free period during the day to do whatever I wanted! I was a slacker in high school.

How did you get started with Sandy Feet Events? I started organizing running events 6 years ago when I created the San Diego Resolution Run with a couple of friends to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Hike for Discovery.  We just wanted to go hike in Maui, but it led to better things! The first San Diego Resolution Run did not have a permit so we ran the event on the sand in Pacific Beach using volley ball nets as a finish line, friends with stop watches as a "timing system" and 250 participants excited about our little event.
How does running make you feel? Energetic, motivated, accomplished and healthy.

What is your most memorable event and one you would LOVE to forget?  My most memorable event is the Memorial Meters 5K in Mission Trails Park (a one time event) I remember people coming up to me telling me that we should really do this as a profession.  It felt really good and I was so excited to see what we could make out of it back into 2007.

I would like to forget about this one year for the Resolution Run it was raining so hard.  I have never seen it rain so hard in San Diego, the rain was coming sideways.  It was like 5am and I was at the race site trying to decide what to do, soaking wet.  It was too late for us to let everyone know that the event was cancelled and we had to send each car  home one at a time in the rain.  

Who inspires you? Right now Super Ken from Super Hero Events (previous Friday Friend). That guy has some serious determination but he doesn't get too full of himself.  Always willing to help out friends no matter how busy he gets.

Advise to other athletes and runners? Diversifying your workout portfolio is the best way for me to stay motivated and excited and not feel like I am plateauing. I do yoga, run, walk, play on the beach, hike, sign up for fun events, dance around my living room, work in my garden, etc.  Just try to do SOMETHING active every day, and don't take it too seriously, unless you want to be serious competitive athlete.

Thank you, Rachel and Happy "Sandy Feet" Running!