I know this is a blog full of words but this Friday's Friend?. . .there are not enough words to describe how fantastic this FF Friend has been to me.  From hair growth to crazy people, we have talked about it all and if you ever needed a friend to back you up (no matter how crazy you are) Adrienne Moore was always there smiling from ear to ear (or laughing at me. . .I could never figure that out!).  I met Adrienne back in 2002 during my Barbie days and we hit it off immediately.  At the time, we lived pretty close to each other and her son was on our local youth Track & Field team that I coached for a couple of years.  The one thing that Adrienne would get frustrated with was her weight.  I would encourage her to do different things but I think my voice was the "Charlie Brown's teacher" to her ears.  It wasn't until a year or two after I left LA that Adrienne took control of her weight and just got REALLY ACTIVE. . .it changed the way she viewed herself and definitely changed the way she looked.  Get inspired by Adrienne's story and believe that you too can change and grab on to a healthier, leaner lifestyle!

Hey Adrienne, gurl! LOL! What got you into fitness?
I just got tired of being fat and wanted to be healthy as I got older.  I started with a lot of racquetball but I needed to be more consistent than what racquetball would allow.  So, I started doing weights and the elliptical at the gym.  That was boring, so I've evolved to videos at home.  This allows me to exercise even if I have other stuff going on.  And if I get bored, I just switch to another video.  I really have no excuse NOT to workout.

I started out with Insanity, which is. . .INSANE! It was really too hard on my knees, so now I'm doing Slim in 6.  Next up is P90X and Cathe Friedrich videos.  The key for me. . .variety!

How does fitness and getting in shape make you feel?
When I complete a workout, I feel great because I'm investing time and energy into something that is just for me.  And if you're like me and trying to lose weight, it's all about getting to your goal.  It's like "Don't talk about it.  BE about it!"  You can't get that from any bag of chips! LOL!

How long have you been doing racquetball, fitness videos and why?
I've played racquetball off and on for years.  I wish I had a court at my house.  I'd play every day.  For me, that is not exercise. . .kind of how runners feel about running.

I've been doing videos for a few months now.  What I love most is the convenience and variety.  

Who inspires you? There are two people. . .Nicol Akins and Michelle Burger (BuffMother).  Both are very active mothers that have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite how busy they are with their kids and. . .life.  They didn't use having kids as an excuse and they didn't let themselves go.

Advise to other women or men who workout or inspired you to meet your goals.. .
First, the biggest challenge is finding physical activity that you love.  If you can find that, it doesn't feel like exercise. Second, with any exercise, the main thing is consistency.  Even if you only have a few minutes to workout. . .DO IT! That's a few minutes that you've invested in your well being.  Your body will thank you for it.

Adrienne, keep pushing along and continue to be an inspiration to others. 
I am SO proud of you, love you and your family so much!

Posted on September 28, 2012 .