Getting it Done!

Now that you made the choice to get healthy and drop those extra pounds, let's start by changing the way that you eat and start an exercise program.  I believe in starting out simple and taking small steps.  No need to rip off the band-aid and hope that it will heal faster, right?

First, let's look at portion control.  Now, it doesn't have to be as exact as the picture to your left but I think you get the idea.  Portion control can help regulate your caloric intake.  It is also a great way to make sure you get everything you need from all the required food groups and it will help regulate your metabolism.  Each portion should not be any larger than the palm of your hand.  If you are dining out, ask for a doggie bag at the beginning of the meal and eat portion size mentioned above.

Next, make sure that you eat 3 meals a day.  Yes, eat and eat smart!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it jump starts your metabolism and can prevent overeating throughout the day.  I know that many of you rush out of the door in the mornings or you are just not a breakfast eater but in order to change your body you have to change your habits.  Replace chips with raw veges and stop drinking so many soft drinks.  That will reduce calories by 400 calories a day based of one serving of each.

Here are a few examples of what your meals should look like:
Breakfast should include one serving of a whole grain cereal with greek yogurt or small bowl of fruit. 
Lunch can be a simple sandwich using whole grain bread and lean meat like turkey or chicken, a piece of fruit and baked chips or nuts.
Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day.  Brown rice, baked chicken or fish and nice portion of vegetables can help round off this meal.  Try not to eat too late in the day if possible.

Throughout the day drink water (plain or lightly flavored) and snack twice a day eating nuts, trail mix and small pieces of fruit.

Third, GET MOVING!  Find something that you can enjoy and keep it simple.  If it is simply walking, then walk for 20 minutes.  Have a family member or neighbor join you.  It will make the time go by faster and you don't have to think of it as a workout.  Running is good if your doctor says it is ok and cycling is another way to get moving without putting a lot of pressure on your joints.  Do what makes YOU feel good!

Once you are chosen your cardio (walking, running or cycling) make sure you add in a strength training program.  When you strength train, you burn calories over an extended amount of time.  For example, if you exercise your muscles for 20 to 40 minutes your body continues to burn fat hours later.   Your muscle fibers have been manipulated and they are burning fat and calories to rebuild back properly.  Ladies, you will not bulk up.  You do not have enough testosterone to become the "Incredible Hulk", so, get pumping!

Here is a simple workout to get started:
Cardiovascular Training:  20 minutes walk or jog
Strength Training:
Walk or Lightly jog in place for 3-4 minutes
Table top push-ups
Walking Lunges
Body Squats
Bi-cep curls with rubber tubes
Modified Tricep dips

If you are looking for more information on how you can get started email me at iseenicrun@gmail.com.    I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and running coach.  It is never too late to get your body moving and be the person that you really want to be. . .healthy!

Posted on September 27, 2012 .