Yes, I am already thinking about my next event! There are four things that are constantly on my mind. . .the first one I do not discuss, the second one would be my family, the third one is time and the fourth would be "running"! Having shared that, let's get into a new series of runs that I am REALLY excited about and they are coming to a town near you! It's the AWESOME 80s RUN brought to you by Superhero Events, LLC. The same company that put together the first Hollywood Half Marathon.  The Hollywood Half Marathon turned out to be a huge success! You can register now for the next Hollywood Half coming up 

I am already falling in love with the AWESOME 80s RUN because the staff looks like they are having a lot of fun putting these events together.  You can keep up with them on Facebook and get some ideas on what to wear for this event.  The registeration fee is affordable and right now there are eleven AWESOME 80s RUN nationwide. . .so you have no excuse to join us!  

This series looks like it's going to be a blast with a costume contest, a custom 80s Medal for ALL finishers, a pre-race warmup dance with OneFitJam and live 80s cover band and entertainment.  For many of us who remember the 80s, we may want to forget "the looks" we sported but that's the fun in this event! We can bring back Michael, Mario and DISCO! I can't wait to see what the runners will be wearing and all the fun activities they have in store.  

If you would like to register for any of the AWESOME 80s RUNS click on the link and start running! I would love to see you there!  The Pasadena AWESOME 80s RUN for September 1st is ALREADY SOLD OUT! So, get started with San Diego's run on Saturday, October 27th on Fiesta Island!