When your life is just CrAzY BUSY!

The AFC 1/2 Marathon is literally RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER and I have to tell you when my running buddy reminded me 3 weeks ago that it was coming up, I completely freaked out! 

I preach about fitness being a part of your day and I push others to find the time to workout.  I really do realize it is not always that easy.  As you may or may not know, I am mom of two busy young girls.  Both my husband and I work A LOT and I am usually on my own.  Is this a sad "mommy story"? Heck no! I love the craziness of my life because it makes me feel alive (as long as it is managed and there is not a monkey wrench thrown in the middle of it...LOL!).  Having said that, since the heat has kicked in, it's been VERY hard for me to wake up in the mornings or in the evenings.  I have been averaging a good run once a week praying that I get a long weekend run in if the girls don't have a tournament.  Yep, it's been like that.  

I do have an advantage, I am a trainer and my job requires me to workout with my participants.  There has not been a lot of cardio but somehow I find a way.  If my girls are at practice, I will squeeze in a 30 minute run before my girls are done with their practice.  Before I teach a class, I calculate how much cardio my workout will provide and then throw in a 10-15 minute running warm-up before I train others.  But for you full-time workers, getting up an hour earlier, using your lunch as a workout OR getting it in after work not only benefits you physically, it helps sort out all the junk you deal with in a day.  Trust me!
Another thing that has really helped me in the past 3 weeks is changing what I put in my body.   I have eliminated all meat (and some dairy) except for fish and cage-free eggs from my regular diet.  I have loaded up on green, leafy foods and fruits, drink TONS of water and get my Omega 3's, 6 and 9's in my system every day.  I have had SO MUCH MORE ENERGY it has really been unbelievable!  

Last but not least, getting mentally motivated by my latest leadership conference I attended a few weeks ago and the Olympics have been just been implanted in my head! For example, Kerri Walsh caught my attention in the Beach Volleyball finals.  Her focus was INCREDIBLE to me!  You could just look into her eyes and tell that nothing else matter but to go for the gold!  She was on fire! Then there was Carmelita Jeter who just ran her -ss off in the 4X100m dash! All the women of TEAM USA were absolutely amazing, representing the United States well and no matter if they won the Gold or came in 4th place. . .they carried themselves with dignity and pride.  LOVED THE 2012 OLYMPICS!

Conclusion? Whatever it takes to get you motivated to run, train or just "get your workout on" do it! It's for your health and I know you want to grow old looking GOOD! 

"Happy Monday and Run Happy!"
AFC. . .here I come!