New Music Thursday and RockMyRun
"I call it Thirsty Thursday. . .new music mix"
As you may or may not know, RockMyRun is by far my favorite music download when it comes to running and working out.  As a runner, I always imaged how cool it would be to have a running mix that would go nicely with your training run and, at times, your race.  As an all around athlete, I love the way music intensifies the feeling of being strong and athletic.  Well, RockMyRun brings all of that and since it's couples week, here are my favorite picks for all the couples who love running together! 
Keep running and HEY. . .get a room! LOL!

"Sweet Emotion" Mix DJ JLouis
"Bringing Sexy Back"  DJ Supa James
"Let's Get Physical" by DJ Remise
 "Succulent" DJ Deviance
and last but not least 
"The Movement" by DJ Neon Nomad


"I love it!"

Here is an interesting study done by Running USA and the 2011 December Runner's Survey group.  The study is animated and well put together but it's also great tool for event directors, running manufacturers and club owners alike.  Hey guys, us gals are closer than you think we are! Happy Running!