I have some new friends. . .say "hello" to Ekene and Helina!

As I did research for this week's "couples" blog, a Facebook page kept popping up titled "Working Out as a Couple".  I couldn't understand why because it was "Facebook" but I was curious and checked it out.  I was instantly intrigued! Here was a couple that, not only worked out together, they embraced it.  Check out their story, grab your better half and get out there!

Ekene and I (Helina), began working out together about 5 years ago (a few months after we began dating).  Prior to us even meeting, he played football in college and I was a runner, as well as a yogi.  The very first thing we did together was a yoga class in 2007.  I invited him to one of my favorite classes and although he was skeptical, he still tried it out.  After that class, he was hooked and that began our journey to be healthy and fit together.  We went to yoga, spin classes, lifted and swam together 2 to 3 times a week.  We also played co-ed softball, soccer and football together with our friends.  

In 2009, we decided to take our love for working out and challenge one another to take it to the next level.  We signed up for our first half marathon. We began running 5 times a week together.  We had never ran more than 3 miles in our life and we were us to doing sprints so we knew we had some obstacles to overcome.  During these runs, not only did we push the limits of what we thought we could do physically, we began pushing the same limits in our ability to bond mentally.  Our runs became our time to talk about life, work out our arguments and get to know each other even more.  Our love, along with our physical abilities, grew stronger than it ever had before.

Our family and friends became so inspired by what we did, they too began to workout with their significant others.  This inspiration then turned into our Facebook Page "Working Out as a Couple".  Our page allowed us to share our journey to be healthy mentally and physically in our relationship, as well as, to motivate and inspire other couples to become healthy in the same way, through working out together.    

Since then, we have completed 4 half marathons, 5 years of yoga and are continuing to challenge ourselves by training for our first full marathon.  We now workout every morning (7 days a week) and continue to motivate other couples, friends and family members.  The value of bringing along someone that motivates you not only keeps you healthy physically, it creates a bond that goes beyond that.  We are so grateful for one another and for our equal commitment to being healthy individuals and a healthy couple inside and out.  
I hope you remember this inspiring couple and check out their website . .coming soon! In the meantime, LIKE their Facebook Page

Helina and Ekene thank you for your story and good luck with your first FULL marathon. 
You will be fantastic out there! 
Happy Running