I didn't think there was any other couple out there that looked as good as me and my husband but I think we may have been beat! LOL! 

Whether this couple is sporting fashion from the 80s or the latest from "Twenty-twelve" they always look good and exude happiness!  They definitely look like they know how to start a party.

I met Ken via Twitter when keeping up with the "Hollywood Half" series.  I loved all the buzz that was forming around the event. Now I am ALL OVER the Awesome 80s series and he is not just a runner in the event he is the driving force behind these amazing races!  His beautiful wife Sabrina is also a heavily involved with pushing these events forward and making things happen.  They are the race directors and very hands on when putting together these events!

You always know when something is going to be special when you have a strong base start with! I would like to introduce you to Ken and Sabrina. . ."Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood RunDMC"!

Why did you and Sabrina start running?
Ken: I started running because I knew it was the only way I would get a scholarship to attend college. My family struggled financially when I was young, so the ability to pay for school was not an option. I played football with hopes of becoming a star athlete until my junior year in high school when my coach insisted that I run Cross Country & Middle Distance for my high school team.

Sabrina: I started running after Kenny and I got married. I saw it as a great way to participate in things that he enjoys. I was nervous about my first race then became hooked after receiving my first medal.

When and how did you start directing races?
We (Sabrina and I) started the Superhero Mile in 2011 while coaching the Rock Church Running Group. It was a small charity event designed to raise funds and awareness for children in Africa. We felt that it takes a superhero to take a stand to help people in need throughout the world. The participation at our first event was low but everyone had a great time. We spent a couple months producing other small events while developing the Superhero brand. Part of our growth strategy included launching a half marathon in our first year as a race management company. We chose Hollywood Blvd as a venue because it is very iconic and easy to develop a theme around. We both have backgrounds in graphic arts, marketing, and promotions so we quickly began designing items like the medals, shirts, and merchandise that became popular within the SoCal running community.

How does running make you guys feel?
Ken: In high school and college, running helped me realize that I can accomplish anything if I push my limits similar to the way I push myself to go faster and further in my training.

Sabrina: I competed in most of my races during both of my pregnancies. Being a fit and active mom, made things so much easier than when I wasn't running during my first pregnancy. Running enables me to feel accomplished.

What do we love about directing races ?
Ken & Sabrina: We owned a limo company before forming Superhero Events. Our passion for running and supporting charitable organizations became far more important than just ‘running a business’. We love our job because it allows us to interact closely with the running community.

What inspires both you and Sabrina?
We are most inspired by the stories of overcoming obstacles and challenges that many of our race participants have shared with us. We get strengthened by their stories and want to continue to promote the sport of running to encourage people in need and provide support to beneficiaries of our events.

What advice can you give to runners and their families?
Our advice to other running families; Never stop running! Encourage your whole family to stay active and competitive. It’s great for bonding, staying healthy, and most importantly having fun!