When you are a superstar, they say you have to be a triple threat to survive in the industry.  You have to be able to do it all if you want to hang with the big boys.  Well, in my world I love surrounding myself with "superstar" types like Kate Deering of KateDFitness. Kate is and always will be on the top of my "A" list.  Kate is not only one of THE top personal trainers in San Diego, she is an entrepreneur,  a nutritional specialist and for a bonus. . .a great Mom to her beautiful baby Bugsy!

I met Kate back in late 2008 through a women's networking group.  It was easy to talk to Kate and we quickly bonded when it came to athletic wear and our love for working out.  We wanted to do more and joined forces to raise money for one our favorite organizations Stand Up 4 Kids.  Together we raised over $3000 in a 6 month running challenge encouraging other athletes to do the same and help those in need her in San Diego.

Since then, Kate has expanded her services from personal training to nutritional counseling, fitness retreats and dynamic contraction technique stretching.  If you are looking for something that is built specifically for your fitness needs, Kate will not only help you get there, she will guide you through the process.  Read more about Kate and get motivated to change your life and your body!

What got you into personal training?
I love helping people and I love movement.  Through movement, people "feel" better and they end up looking better as well.

What would you say is your passion?
Passion. . .I think it is figuring out how to heal the body on a cellular level.  Using food and exercise to heal  and feel great NOT drugs, surgery or injections.

How does working out and running make you feel?
Working out and running makes me "feel" amazing and in control of my life.  I feel like I have direction, challenge and a desire every day to want to get better.

How long have you been in the health industry?
I have been in the health industry for nearly 18 years.  I love it because the more I learn, the better I become and the more I can teach others. 

Who inspires you?
People who are willing to take a risk inspire me.  People who choose to live "out of the box".  Authenticity inspires me.  

Do you have any advise for other women?
My advise to women. . .never put yourself last.  Women today always seem to give to everyone but themselves.  YOU must remember you are no good to anyone if you are sick, depressed and unhappy.  YOU are #1. . .take care of your needs and you will be able to take care of others 100X better!

Kate, you are my soul sister from another mother! Keep "moving and motivating" others and until next time. . .Happy Running, Gurl!

2009 Vegas Marathon FINAL event
for the Stand UP for Kids Challenge!