brought to you by David Freeman
There are so many ways you can challenge your body and cross train to be a better runner.  In gyms all across the country there is a new era in cross training.  Runners and athletes want something that will not only push them to their limits but mentally challenge them as well.  Check out the exercises that David Freeman has put together in this cross training workout he calls "The Real Deal". Watch and listen for modifications, this is a quick and challenging workout that you can get in twice a week on days that your are not running.
10 Handstand Pushups (modify to table push-ups for beginners)
20 Tire Flips (modify with medicine ball and squats)
30 Kipping Pull Ups (jumping pull ups)
40 Wall Touches (no wall- 40 air jumps with hands reaching up)

David Freeman is the Group Training Coordinator for Lifetime Athletic Atlanta