We can make a change!

Yesterday I mentioned NOT to push your kids into a sport that they do not like and I stand by that.  Find a sport that your kid can flourish in and maintain their weight as well.  As many of you may or may not know there is a problem with childhood obesity.  With our lives getting busier and both parents having to work, it can be hard to monitor what goes into our kids mouths, as well as how often.  There are so many things we already have to worry about when it comes to our kids but the silent killer of food is something we can try and control, keeping it an open discussion with our children.  

On average as adults, 80% of our nation is overweight.  Our nation is one of the only nation with an abundance of food.  We tend to abuse it for various reasons and celebrate it for obvious reasons.  When you put that together, you are already eating too much food.  With video games and television, kids are less  likely to head outside when they are in love with their electronics.  Same with adults.  We have our blackberries, ipads and smartphones to occupy and rule our time.

There are so many things that we can do to fight this issue.  As you know, the food pyramid has now been updated and easier to read.  If you go to you can get ideas on how to keep your kids on the right track and make sure they are eating the right foods throughout the day.  What is so great about this new program (if it follows through), the foods suggested on MyPlate will be implemented into our schools and hopefully teachers can stress the importance to our children as well.
Also, there are so many programs that you can get your children involved in.  The local YMCA ( has great summer camps, as well as, after school camps that will keep your kids moving and busy.  For girls who love to run, there is a program called GIRLS ON THE RUN ( and it's a great way to keep girls active and connected with other girls throughout the running season.  Also, your local gyms have fantastic programs for kids similar to YMCA but can be sports oriented.  

As a personal trainer and running coach, just like adults, kids need to be active EVERY SINGLE DAY! Our bodies are made to move, jump and run.  30 minutes a day, minimum can easily be squeezed into a 24 hour day, especially if you incorporate exercise as PART OF YOUR DAY.  What I am able to do with my kids is take them to the park after work and let them run, do drills and just move when they don't have soccer practice or cross country.  It gets us out of the house and keeps us active as a family.  They love it! 

For more information on childhood obesity and signs that your child may be over weight check out the following link (  and read more here as the week progresses!

Run Happy and Be Safe!