Let's Take it OUTSIDE!
Cross training and Boot Camp Benefits!
Boot camps are popping up all over the place, especially on the West Coast where the sun is always shining.  Now that the fitness world is moving away from the big machines and using body weight to burn more calories faster, trainers are taking the workouts outside and asking you to get your friends involved as well!  Now before I get into the benefits of boot camps, I am definitely not knocking the gym.  I love the gym, still use the gym and you need the gym on those rainy and cold days! LOL!

GET FIT BOOT CAMP is a boot camp that meets twice a week here in the North County area and I have to say the results that this group is getting is UNBELIEVABLE.  There are at least 4 individuals in the group that were not remotely interested in working out or running.  Now they call me for extra sessions and want to be pushed more and more each time we meet.  It's crazy!  I have a wide area to do everything from running, climbing, jumping and sometimes hanging off of things at the park just to make the workout interesting.

At GET FIT we work on the entire body using plyometrics, hand weights, tubes and body weight.  We start with the lower body and work our way to the top ending up with 5 minutes of an ab workout.  The group has evolved from walking in between sessions to running and lifting weight they could not lift 5 months ago!  

ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP is a nation wide certified boot camp that has really grown in the east area of San Diego.  One of the biggest camps is lead by Jake Glaze of Glaze Fitness! 

The benefits of this boot camp are the following: 
1) Dramatic improvements in your physical well-being and self confidence.
2) Increased strength and endurance.
3) Pre- and post-evaluations to help you monitor your progress.
4) Loss of inches and a firmer body.
5) Four weeks of fun, energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals and nutritional education. 

Boot camps are even great on the days that you do run.  You can do your easy run and then fall right into boot camp.  When you join a boot camp, make sure that there is a "active" warm up routine and a nice cool down for your body and legs!
Posted on August 30, 2012 and filed under "athletes", "boot camps", "training".