Especially when you are on a Runner's High!

A runner's high is defined by as a feeling of euphoria that is experienced by some individuals engaged in strenuous running and that is held to be associated with the release of endorphins by the brain.  That is about right and after any workout I complete, I am pretty much in that state and after a 4 day weekend at a Tony Robbins convention, I am amped 10X than normal.  Can you say "bouncing off the FREAKING wall"!!! (Think what you want about Tony. . .I did. . .but just being around 6000 excited people will do it for me!)

I normally give you information about working out and running.  Something that you can read, apply to your life if you feel the need and hopefully share with others.  Well, today, I want to talk about STUPID people.  We each have our own definitions of who they are, what they look like and what they DO that is just so, well, STUPID!!!  It could be someone who has cut you off in traffic, in a RACE (I know about that one) or invaded your space with some idiotic comment.  They are out there in numbers and sometimes you truly believe they out number us GOOD people! Right?  

Well, can you tell I had a little taste of a STUPID person today before 11:00AM?  The guy was a complete IDIOT and decided to take it out on me! For the first time it was like watching a bad movie right in front of my face! I couldn't believe what I was witnessing and I had this fantastic weekend! I was so happy that I got home safely from my trip and could not WAIT to be home with my family and start my day with co-workers, participants. . .etc. This is what was going on through my head as he pointed his stubby finger in his face and shared his HORRIBLE breath!  The fact that all those GREAT thoughts were in my head the entire time this guy was losing it was AMAZING!  I smiled and let him get it out while our members, trainers and the entire gym watched.  It was CLASSIC. . .It was DRAMA. . .It was like watching a bad movie on non-cable channel! LOL! The fact of the matter of it all, I didn't quite lose it. . .at least for like 8 minutes! LOL!

I wish that everyone could experience this "runner's high" that I defined above.  I think that the world would be a much better place and jerks like him would just wither away or literally just burst into smoke when their heads get too hot! You don't have to take a long run to feel this "runner's high".  You can deeply breath yourself into a better place.  Mentally, your mind can just block out all the CRAP and keep you in that good place you like to be in; thinking about good memories, thoughts and people in your life.  

When crap hits the fan, you can handle it with less emotion and make rational decisions on how you have to handle it. 

As far as that JERK. . .I did go into my CRAzY for literally 15 seconds and YELLED at the TOP of my lungs and said  "Don't you EVER put his hands in my face AGAIN. . .I am a mother and a wife, I WILL call the POLICE!!!" Laughing hysterically right now. . .It just came out of NO WHERE and let me tell you. . .it felt FREAK'N GOOD!!!

Be in your HAPPY PLACE and STAY THERE (don't take CRAP from NO ONE!!!)!
*This is dedicated to my supporting participants. . .and Ms. Dona
Posted on July 23, 2012 .