The Couple's Workout
Here's a great workout that you and your partner can do on your own.  You just need your body, workout buddy and the motivation to push each other through a great workout! You don't have to be an expert, you just need to be safe!  You can take bits and pieces of the workout, make it your own or you can really challenge each other and see which one of you will complete the workout with "no complaints"! Check out the latest video of "John & Kate without 8" and be inspired to workout together!
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5 minute warmup jog
10 minutes of dynamic/active stretching
Partner Pushups 3 sets of 12/8/12
Body weight jumping squats  3 sets of 24/30/24
2 X 50 meter runs

Planks with mountain climbers 3 sets of 16/12/16
Hill running "Indian Run Style" 3 sets
Running side squats with toe touches 3 sets

Crunches with leg extensions 2 sets 24
Alternating toe touching sit ups 2 sets of 30

5 minute cool down jog
10-15 minutes of static stretching and deep breathing