What's your favorite look?
I recently traded my long, straight pony tail for a more natural look.  Now it's a bit shorter (a lot) and a heck of a lot curlier but I am loving my new look and have become obsessed with hair again!  Now for you serious runners out there, I know this may be a waste of your time but this is my "girlie" side that rarely comes out and I just want to share!  But for you "FloJo" runners out there who MUST look good and make a statement while you run, here are some hair-do's you can take in consideration for your next race or any fitness event!

Longer hair seems to be the classic look for most road racing events.  It's easy and I gets the job done.  But, if you looking for something a little different, check out the side braid (which my daughter LOVES) or twist to tame the top of your hair while the rest flows nicely when running! Gives it an added flare!

For those natural girls that love running for peace & love here are some great braided and knot tying "do's" that are cute and perfect for those long runs.  My 14 year old daughter actually sports this look for cross country practice.  She says it's perfect because nothing is in the way or poking her in the eye when she decides to turn it up a notch and pushes herself to keep up w/the olders!

 For the "curly" tops. . .again twists, braids and corn-rolls are the answer.  The smaller braids catch more hair, keeping the hair locked down and under control.  If you have uncontrollable curly hair that gets "frizzy when wet/sweat". . .these styles are perfect when wanting to stay in control and have a good photo finish look at the end of your race!

Guys, I want to say this one is for you but man. . .David's got it going on! LOL! Yes, my hubby 
knows about my crush on the "D-man" but check out these looks! Guys, if you ARE sporting the longer hair, tie backs, rubber bands and other hair accessories are NOT just for the ladies.  It's a great way to see your face whether you are nice and dry before the event starts or smelly & wet after. . .you can't go wrong either way!

Finally, there are a couple of classic looks that never get old and you can't talk about short hair cuts without mentioning Halle Berry! The high bun hair-do is great when wanting to wear your favorite visor on a hot, sunny day.  It's out of the way, easy for you to put on or take off your visor and it just look beautiful.  The short cut that we know and love on Ms. Berry is clean, refreshing and SO DARN EASY to take care of! Love it! Next time you are out there running check out the coolest "do's" and see what works and doesn't work for you!

Let's GO and Happy Running, you crazy hair running fools!

Posted on July 25, 2012 .