Vanessa Homyak is a force you really shouldn't mess with! She will more than likely out run, bike and/or swim you at any given time.  I know I am a busy gurl but this woman is always "on the move" when it comes to her training regime.  She is NO JOKE! I met Vanessa through a GOTRIBAL event 3 years ago.  She is one of the kindest people I have met here in San Diego and has always been a great support! If you decide to follow her on FACEBOOK or in person, just be ready to watch her jump from one side of town to the other and it will be hard to keep up with her when it comes to any multi-sporting event.  Vanessa will not only motivate you to put one foot in front of the other, she will push you to believe that you can do anything, any time and any where! Be pushed by Vanessa's story!

I got into triathlons through my friend Carmen, who thought it would be fun to use Triathlons as "cross training" for our upcoming Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk.  We started riding from her home to work about 20 miles a day.  I signed up for Spring Sprint event in 2009 and have been hooked ever since! I am no stranger to sports.  In high school I was very active.  I played JV football as a defensive lineman (yes, the boys team), soccer and track.  After high school I didn't do a lot of sports other than an occasional 5K Charity Run.
I love triathlons! The sport has brought me back to who I "was". . .confident, strong and a powerful woman who will try just about anything.  Last year, I took up trail running.  The Southern California Xterra Trail Series is so much fun, having 2 San Diego races as well as their Orange County races.  Here, you can experience a new trail or city in a way you never would have otherwise.     I have been racing for 4 years and what's not to love? You get cool tech shirts, big blingy medals and a group of friends that are so encouraging and supportive.  I use to ride my bike often when I was younger but I would not count clearing dirt mounds as cycling.

I am a veterinary technician at USCD.  Having early hours and a long hour for lunch helps me get my midday workouts in and longer night workouts in before the sunsets.  I don't work a lot of weekends so there is always time to race!  

Keep moving, Vanessa! You go, Gurl!