I met Tanya Maslach at my first AFC 1/2 marathon event in 2008.  Every time I bumped into Tanya either she was bombarded with GOTRIbal followers or I was busy with Dirty Red customers but somehow we always found time to talk about "what is next" for us.  I remember our first conversation and she was busy building GOTRIbal, a fantastic community of women like you who share your passion for living an active, healthy lifestyle.   At the time, Tanya felt like she was just running in circles because she knew exactly what she wanted, how she was going to get it and things were moving a little too slow.  No matter what story she shared with me, I KNEW she would get exactly what she was looking for and she did!  Tanya is not only  hard core when it comes to TRIathlons. . .but as a business woman, she is no joke! She works hard to play hard and she gets things done.  This week, I want you to experience Tanya Maslach the found of GOTRIbal.  Her powerful height is just the beginning!  Keep moving Tanya and I know I will see you soon! Love you!!! 

Here is her story and be INSPIRED to just be STRONG!

I was a collegiate swimmer and when I left school, the years afterward were spent swimming or just constantly active in one thing or another (I was a marine biologist so being outside and hauling big boats, big fish or big marine mammals around was quite a work out).

When I moved to Hawaii in 2000, I started swimming on the master's team and swam with some crazy, fun girls in the pool.  Turns out they were long distance triathletes (really, really fast, strong and accomplished ones).  The only time I could see them or hang with them was while swimming and that would bum me out! Even though they offered to support me in a triathlon, I still didn't like the idea of it.  But I finally acquiesced when I figured I'd get to see them about 10 more hours a week.

My passion is getting other women to feel the tangible and intangible benefits to their personal and professional life by living an active lifestyle like multi-sport athletes.  And yes, every woman is an athlete.  Even if she thinks she's not.  

My sport makes me feel lucky that I can move my body the way I do and that it responds to what I ask of it; and strong and confident in doing other things that I may have thought impossible or too difficult.  I've been swimming since I was a year old and my ears are permanently water logged.  I started doing multi-sport in 2000.  It's the healthiest drug on the planet because it's residual effect is good eating, good skin and an optimism that infects others around you to live the same lifestyle.  

Check out this recent article published through the Rady School of Management.  

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Posted on July 20, 2012 .