Beach Running and Good Times

Not only is beach running relaxing . . . it is down right FUN! Beach running gives you an amazing backdrop and it just takes your breath away! 

I headed to the beach this weekend with my girls and it was perfect! The sun was hot, the sand was on fire and the water was the_perfect_temperature. The girls enjoyed boogie boarding while I watched from afar and noticed that there were A LOT of runners out and each one of them had a huge smile on their face! We are so blessed in SoCal!

Now you know if you are reading this, I have tips for beach running. It's basic, it's common sense and it's simply cool, but I want you to be safe as well! There are millions of tips out there, so I will keep it simple. 

Start on wet sand.
If you're new to beach running, start out on wet, firm sand -- it's much easier to run on than the soft, dry sand. You can slowly add 2 or 3-minute intervals on the softer sand, with longer recoveries on the wet sand. As you get used to the dry sand, you can start running on it for longer stretches.

Don't expect to run your usual pace.
Again, running on the beach is harder than running on the pavement or on a treadmill, so you'll feel your way in the sand and choose a pace that is comfortable for you.  Running in sand can not only strengthen your legs but your feet.  If you are lucky enough to get beach running in once or twice a week, you will see a difference in your road races! Just don't overdo it.  

Beach running is also great for your abs because it's all about "the balancing act".  You are not on stable ground so your legs and abs get a good workout to keep your body is working overtime to keep your body balanced.  

Stay hydrated.
To prevent dehydration and other heat-related illnesses, make sure you hydrate properly and have plenty of water available. You get out there and start running, enjoying the view. . .I guarantee you will be running farther than expected.  Being around all that sand and ocean water, you will be dehydrated quickly.  

Protect your skin.
Running on the beach usually means that you're in direct sunlight, so make sure you protect your skin with a sunscreen of at least SPF 15. Try to avoid running between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun's intensity is at its greatest.

"Happy Running. . .in the sand"!