Yesterday's run was a little tough because my legs felt really heavy and tired.  I forgot that I took a RPM indoor cycling class the day before.  My legs felt great after the class but my mind was not agreeing with my legs.  I finished the nearly 4 mile run but was happy when it was over.  I love running and when I do not feel 100%, I am bummed.  Here are some great tips when running/training with "heavy feeling" legs!

  • Massages are a great way to get the legs stimulating again. An alternative to a massage would be a foam roller.  You may already have one, if you do not check out your local gym or trainer. . .I bet they have one!
  • Mix up your running workout. Sometimes we get comfortable with the same routine but if you decrease your distance every other day, run in the pool or do the run/walk method from time to time that will keep your legs fresh.
  • Let's improve your anaerobic metabolism. Speed work.   Include quick 3-5 minute intervals into your workout.  This will teach your legs to have a faster turn over when needed and will not over work your legs.  This improves your heart's ability to pump blood and your muscles the ability to absorb oxygen.
  • TAKE A BREAK. After each 1/2 marathon or competitive 10K that I run, I take a break for AT LEAST a week.  You need to give your body time to recover, rebuild healthy muscle (with the help of protein intake) so that you legs are ready for the next round of training and you prevent injuries.

Always make sure you  drink plenty of water when training.  Also, an hour after your harder, training runs, make sure you get protein in your system.  It's just like strength training, you have to rebuild muscle that have been ripped apart while training.  It's normal and remember, you are always building muscle when running.  That's why you runners do NOT have to train the legs so much when they are deep into training for their next event!

As always, Happy Running and BE SAFE!