Most Inspirational Athlete of 2018 - SD Tri Series

What a surprise tonight! I was named the “Most Inspirational Athlete of 2018” by Koz Events and San Diego Triathlon Series. I am in shock and honored.

If you know me, you know I had a rough couple of years_personally. At the beginning of this year I decided I needed a good distraction, so I committed myself to train for AT LEAST 3 duathlons and couple of running events. I surrounded myself with other multi-sport athletes ended up doing 7 duathlons, 3 5K runs and 2 half marathons this year!

Yep, I desperately needed strength and positivity in my life and I got it. As each month flew by this year, I was getting stronger mentally and physically. I was not going to be stopped.

I want to thank all my parents, daughters and close friends for their support and motivation to keep going this year. Thank you KOZ events and the San Diego Tri Series from the bottom of my heart and "sole" for pushing this old-girl forward and making 2018 a fantastic year! So grateful. 

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Water Wednesday Fitness Tips: "Keeping Your Water Bottle Loaded"


When pushing through a tough workout hydration is key. Water, in particular, prevents dry mouth, headaches, keeps joints lubricated and muscles oxygenated. Water is the medium for most chemical reactions in the body, especially metabolic reactions involved in energy production. Daily water recommendation for men is 3.3 liters a day (or approximately 13 cups) and for women, 2.2 liters a day (or approximately 9 cups) . If you are active...keep it coming!

If you are not sure you are getting enough water, check the following. Are you experiencing little to no urine, dry mouth, sleepiness, confusion and/or extreme thirst? If so, start filling up that water bottle and keep it by your side all day, every day! 

When exercising for 30 minutes or more, I recommend drinking water every 10 minutes to keep you from over heating and energized. Drink up and have fun! 

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Photo provided by  Ace Fitness

Photo provided by Ace Fitness

Did you know a good workout can…

  • make you happier

  • improve your sex life

  • slow down the aging process

  • make you feel stronger

Would you go to the gym for those reasons? Would you workout more often because you know that exercise can improve other areas of your life and not just decrease your waistline?

Well, I know for some, working out can be a burden but for me everything listed above holds true. Also, working out sets the tone for the day and gets me ready for any challenges I might face. Check out more fun facts below!

Fun facts that will make you see fitness in a different way and get you moving!

Turn that frown upside DOWN.  Regular exercise can enhance mood and overall well-being. When you increase your heart rate, challenge your body and get out of your comfort zone. . .not only did you complete a workout, you have proved to yourself that you CAN do anything that you put your mind to.  That alone can make you feel really good inside and prepare you for your next challenge!

You don't have to run ALL THE TIME to lose weight.  Wait. What? Yes, you read it correctly. Did you know that when you run long distances frequently you can actually prevent fat loss because your body will start to burn muscle and not fat.  Studies have shown that when you consistently strength train and add possibly less cardio, you will burn more calories for a longer period time than just running or doing cardio exercise.  So, make sure that you don't confuse more cardio to lose more weight.

Visualization can improve your workout.  Like anything else, if you visualize completely your workout, not only will you finish the workout, you will improve the way you worked out. Knowing what's ahead, understanding why you are doing what you are doing and focus on the end results will get you through a workout much more effectively vs. not knowing what you plan on doing once you hit the gym. So plan, prepare and complete!

Now that you have these fun little tips, let's get MOVING.

Peace -Nic

I GOT THIS...Silver Strand Half Marathon

The Temecula half marathon was all about “mind over matter”. The Silver Strand half marathon was all about getting it done with no complaints and having a “I got this” attitude to finish strong. I loved this event and the course wasn’t too bad, mainly because it was FLAT. It was great to see my friends out there on the course having fun and cheering each other on throughout the race.

I wasn’t nervous about this race because I knew, after running the Temecula half, which was very hilly, Silver Strand wouldn’t be so bad. It was flat and I enjoyed every mile.

The last time I ran Silver Strand, it was about 10 years ago. I remember the fires were happening at that time and it was a miserable race. This year, the air was extremely dry due to the fires that were/are happening up north. I pray those fires end soon.

The hardest part of the course was the last mile and a half. It was one of those endings where you THOUGHT you were done but you weren’t. You knew you were close but the course kept taking a turn, then a corner and then ANOTHER corner. That was NOT COOL but I am being over dramatic. Yes, I was “the information / course map” lady the day before but MY GOODNESS…that run seemed like it was never going to end! LOL!

I am still trying to brave the cold at the start of the race. I had arm warmers and gloves but after a mile in, I didn’t need any of it. UGH! Let me tell you, it’s hard to run and strip at the same time. HA!

After running 2_half marathons within a 3 week window, I suffered a little post-event depression. Apparently this is a real thing. The feeling was worse after the second half marathon. Of course I did a little research and found out that athletes who dedicate so much time, energy and excitement to one event and have nothing lined up after the event can suffer from a bit of depression. WHO KNEW? The feeling sucks but luckily I was able to recognize what it was and snap out of it by the third or fourth day.

Another great thing about this race, I improved my time by a minute and half. So, either I ran the heck out of the Temecula half marathon or I could have run faster for Silver Strand half marathon. Either way, I am happy with my time and effort.

I do have to let you know, I am on the lookout for another event to finish out the year! It definitely doesn’t have to be a half marathon, but it has to be longer than a 5K and shorter than a full marathon. LOL! Just thinking out loud. What’s your next race?

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