This is Black History Month and today I want to celebrate Maya Angelo. Through her words and wisdom, I will continue to rise, stay strong and know that what makes me different is what makes me special.

Equality for black people is equality for all people. 



If you live in the San Diego area,

• Seasick Marketing is looking for volunteers for the

Inaugural Zombie Escape 5K- February 11!

•Our friends over at the Zombie Escape 5K are searching for those willing and able to be transformed into Zombies for their charitable 5K event.

•Zombie volunteers must be 15 years and older, and must provide their own clothes that are able to be torn and get dirty.

CLICK ON LINK TO HELP!…/zombie-escape-5k-and-fu…/volunteer…

•This 5K race benefits the Natural Disaster Victims of disasters in the San Diego community. 

Pushing Through and Running Everything!

My legs are so skinny, I had to make sure both were in the photo so you can actually read what these old socks have to say!

I feel like I am coming back. Now that there is less stress on my body (really in my head), I can push through and get back to training.

If you know me, I train like I am heading to the Olympics in 2020. I love running and staying active. It's like breathing_literally for me! I must have it to SuRvIVe! LOL!

Now that I am healthier and have officially fought off that nasty cold/flu monster, I am ready to get back out there and compete. The journey back has been challenging but I am happy that I am moving and grooving again.

My goals are to increase my upper body strength, endurance and running performance. I would love to go for Team USA in my age division for duathlons but I still have a lot to learn when it comes to road cycling. So, time will tell. 

Whatever your goals are this year, I hope you are taking significant steps (big or small) to get yourself closer to your goals. There will be setbacks but that doesn't mean you are set...back! It's just a little bump in the road, a lesson to be learned or simply a time to completely rest your body. Keep your eyes on the prize, don't look back and keep your goals close to your heart. You will get there!

This week's workout included the following:

  • Monday: 2 mile run and upper body workout with 8 flights of stairs.
  • Wednesday: 30 minute run 60 push-ups
  • Friday: 3 mile run 60 push-ups and upper body workout
  • Saturday: Goal 20 mile bike ride. Accomplished 14 mile bike ride 60 push-ups and upper body workout
  • Sunday: Easy long run. Goal 6 miles. Accomplished 4.35 miles

Favorite Workout Combo


This workout can be a simple warm up OR a full body workout you do in the morning before you start your day. 

Five rounds, 1 minute each. This full body exercise mainly works your shoulders, triceps, core, glutes and hamstrings. 

Choose a weight you are comfortable with but by the  third round, you want to trade it in for a lighter weight. DON'T TRADE IT IN!

Good luck and have fun!

Posted on January 30, 2018 .

Monday MOJO

I had a great conversation with a friend the other day about age and where we are in life.  We discussed our past life, our young life and then he said something that really struck me! He said, "I plan on living well past 100, so I have all these years to do something amazing...".  Not only did he say it, he said it with such enthusiasm!

I have to admit, I never looked at my life that way. I thought I was running out of time and literally "running" to stay active while holding on to my youth. But to look PAST the sky and shoot for the moon_literally? Whole new way of thinking for me. 

So, I hope that whatever goals in life you may have, you think past the sky and shoot for the moon, the footprints on the moon. Think about what you really want and how will you get there? What does it look like and how does it feel?

My problem has been losing the ability to see past my nose! Becoming older with greater responsibilities can dull the idea of living life on the moon or even shooting for the SKY. But now, I'm going to take small steps here on earth, then image my steps in the sky and HECK...dream of my footprints on the moon! This will help me get closer and closer to my goals. 

Keep moving toward what you want and always take little steps to get closer and closer to what you want. Remember to NEVER GIVE UP!