Soleful Sunday

I pray a lot. When I am happy, sad and even upset...that's what keeps me going. It keeps a smile on my face and a hopeful heart in my body. Continue to grind, continue to pray and continue to live. Whether you know what your purpose is or if you have no idea, keep grinding because your path will definitely redefine and show you the way. 

COLD and FLU season is here. . .


It's that time of the year again and everyone who knows everyone is coughing, sniffling,  and sneezing! Whether it's the common cold, flu or something you never heard of...we've got it and it's time to fight it off!

Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs QUICK TIPS

1.  AS AN ATHLETE, make sure if you are going to the gym on a consist basis that you clean the equipment before using it.  Most gyms have anti-bacterial spray or wipes that are disposal and easy to use.  After your workout, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and avoid contact to your face before, during and after your workout.

According to the Center of Disease Control. . .

2.  AVOID CLOSE CONTACT.  Avoid close contact with people who are sick.  No problem, right? Well, there are those that still come to the gym, work and school who don't believe they are that sick, so watch out and STAY AWAY!

3. STAY HOME WHEN SICK.  If possible, stay home from work, school and the gym when you are sick.  Your body is trying to fight off whatever it is you caught.  Running or doing a high-impact workout will only make you weaker and lengthen your cold.  So, stay away  and remember everyone else will love you for it.

4.  COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN COUGHING AND SNEEZING.  I know that many of us may  not know when we are going to sneeze or cough but just in case carry some tissue in your back pocket at all times.  A small pack of tissue from Target is about $1.20.

5.  CLEAN YOUR HANDS.  Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs.  If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol based hand rub.  You can pick up a ton of those little "anti-bacterial" tubes from Target, Walmart or your local drug store for as little as $.99.  Put one in your kids lunch boxes as well!

6. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR EYES, NOSE AND MOUTH.  Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touching his or her eyes, nose and mouth.

7.  PRACTICE OTHER HEALTHY HABITS.  Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids and eat nutritious food.  Hmmm. . .really! Cool!

Please note: talk to your doctor about getting the flu shot.  Everyone is different when it comes to their health.  The flu shot can NOT prevent you from catching the common cold or a bronchial infection, so make sure you get the facts before getting the shot or letting your kids get the shot.  

According to USA Today, this month 18 children under the age of 18 have died because of the seasonal flu and over 2200 people have been hospitalized with flu symptoms.  Right now, it's time to listen to your doctor, let him/her take into consideration your health history and decide if the flu shot is for you.  

Stay Happy, Strong and Fit!

3 Exercises 1 Workout


Looking for a simple exercises you can do almost anywhere? My 3 n 1 Workouts are a perfect way to get moving and get in shape on your own. You will see results within a month if you pick 3 videos you like and do them consistently for 3-4 weeks. Find a plan or video at that will work for you and start moving now!

Absolutely free and if you have questions, look to your right and email me! Good luck!




Are you traveling this weekend? How much will you move when you are on the road? Living out of a hotel, driving for hours to get to your weekend destination and possibly eating junk food along the way. I know who your are! (Did I do that?) A weekend get away, along with the Holiday Season just around to corner slows everyone down. But you can go against the grain and get a quick workout in so you will NOT fall off the workout band-wagon.  If you have 20 minutes, you have time to workout and move that amazing body of yours. Check it out!

  • Cardio: Brisk Walk or Run (10 minutes)
  • Strength: 2X10 Prisoner Squats, 2X10 pushups and 2X10Tricep Dips (5 minutes)
  • Flexibility: Stretch your neck, arms and legs (5 minutes)


See, that was E A S Y. Happy Friday!

Keep moving, stay focused and limit the food fun! ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎workout‬ ‪#‎fitness‬‪#‎fitfam‬ ‪#‎fitfluential‬


BEFORE I FINISH TYPING THIS, MANY OF YOU WILL HAVE ALREADY ANSWERED THE NEXT QUESTION BEFORE I GET STARTED. Have you ever considered becoming VEGAN? I hear a 100 "no's" already and I completely understand, as I type this and eat my pasta with grilled chicken on the side. I mean, talk about eliminating meat, eggs and dairy? That's a lot to ask but that's only because meat, eggs and dairy is all most of us know!

Becoming vegan is more than eating plant-based only foods, it's a lifestyle, just like fitness and taking care of your body.

Vegans are strong advocates of NOT exploiting the cruelty of animals. From accessories and clothing to makeup and bathroom items, animal products and products tested on animals are found in more places than you might expect. Fortunately nowadays there are affordable and easily-sourced alternatives to just about everything.  (

Even though I am not a vegan, I support the vegan cause. My youngest daughter wants to become vegan after learning how animals are slaughtered for mass food production. I have to admit, I am not sure if it is a good alternative for a growing teenage female athlete but I am not 100% opposed to it. I am a mom first and ask the same questions any mother would ask...Will she get enough protein? Will she like vegan food? Will she get enough calories and have enough energy to get through the day? Is it healthier for her in the long run?

Well, just like fitness, I am allowing her to take one step at a time. She has asked to reduce the amount of eggs she eats per week. I make her lunch with vegan based "meat" a couple of times a week and she has asked to eat more salads and greens. So far so good...but we are not 100% but we are moving in the right direction.

I am NOT a nutritionist but I do believe in moderation and if you can become vegan or vegetarian, it's not a bad idea. Animals are being produced at a higher and faster rate. Many of them are pumped with steroids and are not plant based fed. The fish we consume have higher rates of mercury and the demand for these foods is really astounding once you start to do your research. 

Veganism has saved a lot of lives when it comes to reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It can take a lifetime to damage our bodies with food but if you catch on fast enough, veganism can literally save your life. You have more energy, the body recovers faster after being stressed from exercise and people poop on a regular basis. Yep, I said it! Eliminating meat from your diet can be beneficial but you have to do your research, talk to your doctor and find a good nutrionist. 

Find out how you can get started and share your concerns about eliminating meat from your diet. What I can tell you? You will not starve. You have to be willing to try a new way of cooking, eating and living. That's it! You will definitely feel better and meet your health goals faster. 

Check out these resources to learn more about VEGANISM!

Movies to watch:

Super Size Me

Hungry for Change

PlantPure Nation




What are your TOP 5? TOP 5 things you do every day to keep you motivated and focused. If you don't have any, check out my TOP 5 and get inspired to build your own TOP 5 list!

1. Daily Devotions/Affirmations. For me, I have to start each day with the word of God. Whether it's 5 minutes or half an hour, I need that time to put things in perspective before starting my day. Daily affirmations are similar if you are not a believer.  

2. Meditate/Pray/Quiet Time. I am always praying for a good day_not only for me but for my family, friends and even enemies. You read right...I think everyone needs some positive energy sent their way. Also, enjoying "quiet" for AT LEAST 10 minutes is fantastic for any busy person.

3. Good Music. I need a good beat and positive tunes that make my face light up! I have always loved music and the power music has on the world. Music can immediately shift a bad mood into a good one_so turn up the music and dance your way into the day!

4. Think about the Good Stuff. I am always thinking about what is good in my life, from my health to family/friends. Keeping gratitude in your mind and heart allows me to appreciate the little things in life. 

5. Recognize your Biggest Challenge and Face it. As you know, a week can not go by without a nice little challenge, right? Whatever or whoever the challenge is_write it down, find a solution and face it, head on. Trust me, it will make you feel a heck of a lot better.