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I Need Motivation...4 Things that will keep you GOING!


What’s the theme of the month for a lot of my friends?..."I just don't feel like it...I am not motivated to do anything". What's funny about hearing this...I feel the same way too and I am the person who motivates others!! YIKES!

Look, I get it. The year is coming to a close A L R E A D Y and we have that last leg of the year to finish. Thanksgiving, Christmas and you know it’s true…FAMILY…URGGGG! So, starting a workout is probably the last thing on your mind. Well, I put together 4 things that MIGHT motivate you to keep going and start your day off on the right foot! Just like the quote above, “Awe SH!T, they’re UP!”…get up, piss off the negative people, spread some good around the world (we need it) and let’s finish this year strong.

1. Surround yourself with positive people. Sometimes it is hard to be positive when the people around you are not so positive. You may think you are helping by listening to all of their problems but you’re not…it’s just bringing you down. That's not healthy. Stay away and change it up, even if you have to "go it alone" for a little while. #selfcare

2. Post pictures and quotes that really make your heart JuMp! It’s time to be “Being Mary Jane” and add a few post-its to your mirrors and doors. There are so many inspirational quotes and motivational sayings out there. Grab about 5 of them and post them, share them on social media and really soak in all those positive words and phrases.

3. Sign up for a local, small event. Wait? I haven’t started training yet, Nicol! Relax, it’s OK. Find an event you enjoy doing that is small and local. You don’t have to fully participate but being around others who are doing what you love might spark a little motivation to get back into the game! That’s what happened to me this year. I was surrounded by so many duathletes, runners and triathletes, their energy was so infectious, I started training consistently and preparing for a new event every month!

4. Meditate and Pray. I truly believe in prayer and meditation. Why? It's my quiet time to relax, recharge and get ready for a new day. Take 10-15 minutes to pray, breathe and be thankful for the things you have RIGHT NOW. If you start to think about the good things that are happening in your life (no matter how big or small), you will forget about the bad stuff and start to put things in perspective.

Alright...let's get out there and do this!

When Change starts to Unfold


When change begins to unfold within, it's YOUR change, your transformation. It's something you can not explain or have to. Stand firm, except what is happening (good or bad). With change...learn, embrace and be YOURSELF.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is time for new beginnings, resolutions and goals. I am usually one of the first bloggers to discuss all those things and get everyone excited for the New Year. Well, this time, I am going through a "new beginning" myself from the inside out. I can feel it simmering, ready to cook and explode! Not sure how to describe it but I have to admit, I am ready to experience it. Have you ever felt that way? You know something is coming your way but not quite sure what it is? 

I have learned so much about my inner strength and capabilities in the past 2 years. I am not perfect, I have flaws and I have people (or person) making sure everyone knows I am not perfect. For some reason, I am OK with that. Why? because I own my truth and I am changing from within. I see life SO VERY different than how I saw it 2 years ago, 5 years ago...heck 10 years ago. I am learning that everything that is happening to me is happening FOR me and that's a game changer right there!

TO THE READER: If you want your New Year's goals, resolutions or new beginnings to really feel like they are authentically yours...1) make sure you are willing to learn who you really are, who you want to be and take real steps to get there. 2) Remind yourself this is a process and it will not happen overnight_it can't. You may have been conceived in a night but it took 10 months to cook your ass into something amazing. 3) Own your truth. Whether it is good or bad, whether you have people who believe you or not, stand tall and own it.

SeeNicRun will be changing her format because there is also SeeNicLove, SeeNicPray, SeeNicFight, SeeNicBike, SeeNicBeFit, SeeNicLive...SeeNic "do a lot of things Barbie can do"! LOL! So, let's see what this year brings SeeNicRun and I hope we can hang together. 

Soleful Sunday

I pray a lot. When I am happy, sad and even upset...that's what keeps me going. It keeps a smile on my face and a hopeful heart in my body. Continue to grind, continue to pray and continue to live. Whether you know what your purpose is or if you have no idea, keep grinding because your path will definitely redefine and show you the way. 



Last week... 

...I had a little extra time to get out, do something a little different and meet new people. I ran with a new running group on Tuesday night, met with a  new group of women from a local San Diego Volunteer group and ended the week with a very charismatic UBER driver! My goal was to make sure EVERY DAY was a good day, no matter what was going on in my life and I have to say, it worked!

Now, don't get me wrong, there were a number of things that went wrong this past week. Things that would make a person go a little nuts but I refused to go there! Once I slowed down and took a different approach, I came to the conclusion that every problem has a solution. Staying calm, thinking it out and making rational decisions without all the emotion saved a lot of time and frustration.

How are you feeling today? Where is your spirit?

How are you facing your challenges in life? Whether it's work, family, a co-worker or simply improving your lifestyle, how does it effect YOU? How does it effect your spirit? If your spirit is not positive, usually your day is not positive. Only you control how you feel, so let's try a few things to be positive and stay there.

5 things to stay focused and stay positive...

  • Pray and Meditate

  • Talk it out with a good, friend

  • WORKOUT (Dancing your troubles away can be very effective)

  • Write it out

  • Simply make the decision to STAY POSITIVE right NOW.

Exercising my Faith


To my family and friends who face incredible odds today or any old day, I'm praying for you. Whether you are a believer or not, I am thinking about you and pushing good vibes your way.

The challenges you face has an ending. It may work in your favor or feel like it did just the opposite. You may walk away happy or sad or even angry but there is a reason for it all. I have been on both sides of the spectrum and in between.

One things for sure, when I look back at all the challenges I have faced, there was always a lesson to be learned. There was always a process and many times things would go terribly wrong before they felt right. There were days when everything would suck and days when the blessings kept coming! 

Those days of endless blessings is what I live for. Blessings, big or small, keeps my heart warm and a smile on my face. So, when you think you are weak, read this prayer and know God will give you strength and take care of you!


Fitness for the Spirit

File_000 (18).jpeg

This is a powerful verse for me. This particular verse caught my attention after suffering from a severe anxiety attack. Yep, I suffer from anxiety attacks and I have experienced extreme flare ups that literally would stop me in my tracks. I would get chest pains, numbness, shakes and have trouble controlling my breathing. It was debilitating.

One day, after having a pretty bad attack, I sat in the middle of my living room wondering why. Why me? I thought I was stronger than this. Of course, I went to the good book and literally opened it up TO THIS VERSE. No joke! I could not believe what I was reading and what the words were saying to me. At that moment, I knew something greater than me had my back and I found comfort in that.

Whether you are a believer or non-believer, find something or someone who will have your back and be there for all your "why's?". Never hesitate to ask for help or look for help to move forward and continue to progress. There will be times you will have to put your pride aside and let others take over. As a mom, that can be the hardest thing to do but it can be done.





The day after Christmas

I went for a nice, medium size run in Los Angeles. I was there visiting my sister. I lived in Los Angeles 10 years ago for nearly 14 years and it's nice to go back from time to time. On this particular run, right before I hit my last mile, I happened to look down and see the words "You are Beautiful". Of course, I had to stop, take a picture, soak it in and then share! This little painted circle with one little phrase really made day.

This past year hasn't been so beautiful for me. In fact, for the past year I have been told in several different ways that I am not so beautiful through conversations, texts and emails. There were days where it hurt and other days where it was just a Tuesday...because I had become so use to the negativity.

Now, as you know, beauty is not just skin's all about how you feel inside. Your personality, your presence and what you show to others; that's what makes you beautiful. Some days are not so great but that doesn't mean the beauty from within YOU has to die.

To be beautiful...

  • Take care of yourself from the inside out. Eat the right foods, fuel your mind with positive and encouraging books, music and words. Keep your body at it's best and remember, everybody bodies is different so...
  • Be YOU! Embrace who you are and live with a purpose. Allow your purpose to change and grow with you. Know who you are and what you want out of life and...
  • Don't let anyone dictate who you are. Social media, friends or even family members. You are the only person who holds your happiness in the palm of your hands. You happiness is not in half of someone else, that's ALL YOU, BOO! So own it.
  • Surround yourself with beauty. Art, words, scenery or a beautiful environment. The beach is the ULTIMATE for me. Scared to get in it and live near it but I absolutely love going to the beach and soaking in all of it's beauty, mainly because the beach is also so POWERFUL. 

Whatever beautiful is to you, make sure it is a part of your life. Welcome beauty into your life, no matter how big or small it may be. The light from a candle, a small detail in a painting or the beauty of laughter...they can all bring the love for beauty deep into your heart and make life better and more beautiful.  



No matter how big or small you think your goals are, they're your goals. Goals should be there to improve yourself or others around you.

  • Make sure your goals are realistic.
  • Take one goal at a time and start moving.
  • Be patient and keep your eyes on the prize.

Set goals, attack them, stay focused and  CRUSH'EM

My Monday Goals:

  • Early morning workout
  • Successful work day
  • Comb my hair (no really...see, no matter how small! LOL!)

Soulful Sunday

Exercising Your Soul:

Stay positive: Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Remember the good things you have accomplished.

Feed your Body: Fruits, vegetables and lots of water will help your body digest and function properly.

Good people, good environment: Surround yourself with people who love to laugh, smile and are full of sunshine. You know who those people are, learn from them and find yourself.

Find Yourself: Deep down, you are not as bad as you might think. Be happy with yourself and other will be happy for you. 

These are real exercises I have to put into action every day. It's not always easy but it can be done. Stay "soulfully" strong and be good to yourself, first!