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Monday MOJO

Surround yourself with Greatness


As we move through January and push through our resolutions, I want to remind you not to forget about the people you surround yourself with. There will be times when you might want to give up or not even try to move closer to your goals. That's when you call on others to push you through. 


I have built a VERY SMALL team of women to encourage me to push through things in my life that seem absolutely impossible. I know DEEP DOWN I can do it but when I over think my goals, it's too much for me to soak in. So, I call on my team to help me through. Encourage me to keep going and REMIND me of how awesome I can be! 



  1. Find your crew. Encouraging, Trustworthy and Strong People who can carry and push you.
  2. Keep it small. You don't need an MC Hammer entourage, 2 or 3 peeps will do.
  3. Share your goals. You have to speak your goals out load, put it in the universe with people you trust.
  4. Start moving RIGHT NOW! Stop reading this blog and NIKE up! Just DO IT.

Soleful Sunday

I pray a lot. When I am happy, sad and even upset...that's what keeps me going. It keeps a smile on my face and a hopeful heart in my body. Continue to grind, continue to pray and continue to live. Whether you know what your purpose is or if you have no idea, keep grinding because your path will definitely redefine and show you the way. 



When I was a little girl, I often lied to my parents to get out of trouble. In my young mind, they were little lies. Some worked and some didn't. Yet, after a few too many little lies and a several spankings to follow, I started to learn lying wasn't getting me anywhere. I had to be about 10 or 11 years old and my Dad caught me in a lie. I mean he literally watched the whole thing unfold and now that I am older with kids, he had to be shocked at how easy it was for me to NOT tell the truth! I had never seen him so upset and I didn't see the outside of my room for quite some time after that one.

I remember sitting there, PISSED thinking..."how dare he keep me in this room for so long! What the heck?...and he won't talk to me!". Yeah, I was young and stupid. LOL!  Looking back, he did the right thing because being my room for hours with nothing to do, I finally realized that lying wasn't helping me. I was always getting into trouble and missing out on all the fun things with the neighborhood kids. So, I decided THAT DAY, no more lying

Fast forward to today...right now, I don't lie and it's hard for me to lie about anything. I am a very truthful person and for some, too truthful. I don't like to be lied to and I know a lie when I see one. One thing I didn't realize is that I was living a lie and I didn't see it the same as telling a lie. Living a lie was different, right?'s not. I didn't have a perfect marriage, raising my girls was hard and finding that perfect job was even tougher. Being who I am in a world where everyone else is exactly the same was/is TOUGH and it was tough because it was all a lie. I was lying to myself and didn't know it.

Today, my truth is the most important thing in my life. It is literally saving me and keeping me sane. Unfortunately, I have learned what it feels like to be lied to by people I put trust in. It's truly disappointing and heartbreaking.  Yet, the truth, like they say, will absolutely set you free. I never really understood what that meant until I started to tell MYSELF the truth about my life. The truth can be painful and surprising, but at the same time, it is so much more. The truth is freedom, strength, power, stability and a muscle that continues to grow. Truth IS growth, happiness and progression. It's everything and when you see it, you know it because it scares you and makes your heart sing at the same time. 

Are you living your truth?

I am definitely living mine and let me tell you, it's a journey and it is scary but I love every minute of it. I keep those who I trust close to me and I listen to learn. There are definitely some things I need to work on D A I L Y and I do, even when I don't want to. If I can't tackle a untruthful situation right away, I write it down and pray, why? What I can not control God/the Universe (whatever you believe in) will take care of it. Let me tell you, God ALWAYS takes care of it.

Today's exercise. 

  • Write down your truths
  • Stop lying to yourself about yourself right now.
  • Pray / Meditate on the things you do not have control over
  • Start walking in your truth one step at a time
  • Be prepared for your life to change



Last week... 

...I had a little extra time to get out, do something a little different and meet new people. I ran with a new running group on Tuesday night, met with a  new group of women from a local San Diego Volunteer group and ended the week with a very charismatic UBER driver! My goal was to make sure EVERY DAY was a good day, no matter what was going on in my life and I have to say, it worked!

Now, don't get me wrong, there were a number of things that went wrong this past week. Things that would make a person go a little nuts but I refused to go there! Once I slowed down and took a different approach, I came to the conclusion that every problem has a solution. Staying calm, thinking it out and making rational decisions without all the emotion saved a lot of time and frustration.

How are you feeling today? Where is your spirit?

How are you facing your challenges in life? Whether it's work, family, a co-worker or simply improving your lifestyle, how does it effect YOU? How does it effect your spirit? If your spirit is not positive, usually your day is not positive. Only you control how you feel, so let's try a few things to be positive and stay there.

5 things to stay focused and stay positive...

  • Pray and Meditate

  • Talk it out with a good, friend

  • WORKOUT (Dancing your troubles away can be very effective)

  • Write it out

  • Simply make the decision to STAY POSITIVE right NOW.

No Bad Days

In the past year and half, if not more, I have had my share of bad days. The dynamic of my family has changed, my environment has changed and I have changed. Can I tell you, change is extremely uncomfortable yet, at the same time, the best thing that could have happened to me.

One thing I have learned over the years, "the choice is yours". No one should dictate your mood, attitude or life. If you want a care-free day...HAVE ONE! If you find yourself still in a slump, surround yourself with people who are THERE for your. People who don't mind listening, supporting and pulling you up when you are down.  

If there are things I could change, I want to immediately say, YES, I want to change this, this and that but looking back at EVERY THING AS A WHOLE...I wouldn't. There are things I wished didn't have to happen to me or to those around me but it did and it's all part of a bigger plan God and the universe have for me. It's scary and frustrating at times but I am realizing this is all a lesson. Sometimes I am not willing to learn but I come to the "Lesson Party" anyway. I sit down, shut my mouth and listen. 

Whatever you are going through, be present and learn. Stay positive and have NO MORE BAD DAYS! Those days are a waste of time and energy. I do believe in allowing yourself a few minutes or an hour to sit in your frustration, to have that feel...but after that, brush your shoulders off, strap on your big girl panties and keep going! If I can do it, I know you can. Trust me!