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Celebrating Women of Color in Sports

Recognizing Women of Color on the Track

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the 2019 NCAA Track and Field meet in Austin, TX, thanks to my daughter who qualified in the 800 meter run. The best of the best, division 1 athletes, competed for a NCAA title. The men competed on days 1 and day 3, while the women competed on days 2 and 4.

On Saturday night, the meet couldn’t be anymore perfect. The heat from earlier in the day slowly cooled down and the competition heated up. As a former collegiate runner, it was really nice to be in the stands and not on the field. While waiting for the 800 meters to start, I was watching the triple jumpers. I was amazed at their strength, focus and drive. These young ladies were confident and jumping their hearts out! Let me tell you, the strength of a woman is an amazing thing to watch.

It wasn’t until the final few jumps and the women’s 100 meter dash that I started to focus on the spectrum of black women participating in every event. It sent chills, good chills, up and down my spine. So many different hairstyles, complexions, heights, shapes and everything in between, we were there…breaking records and making track and field history! Yes, I had a #blackgirlmagic spiritual moment and it was amazing! I was so proud.

I honestly can not think of any other sport that creates that kind of emotion in me. Yes, there is Serena Williams, Dominique Dawes and Ginger Howard and so many others, but there is something about having an arena filled with black, smart, athletic and dominating young women. Track and field embodies all of that.

I love being a woman and I am extremely proud to be a black woman, a black mother. There are definitely frustrations that come along with it but you learn, “teach”, re-adjust and move on.

My daughter? She made it to the finals and came in second overall. She got her NCAA trophy and represented women and women of color, along with her competitors extremely well. I couldn’t ask for a better day! If you are a woman of color in sports or any profession, I applaud you and I will be in the stands cheering for you. There’s a lot to be done, so keep moving forward, ladies!

Serena Williams | Dominique Dawes and Ginger Howard | NCAA Track and Field

The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” Malcolm X 1962

Find Your Spark


Happy Thankful Thursday! 👋🏾

I am a proud ambassador for @momentumjewelry and this motivational wrap is dedicated and will be going to my oldest daughter! So get ready, here goes the proud mama stuff. 


My girl runs for the University of Pennsylvania and is a walking brain! She’s a hard worker and can fight her way through anything. 

Before she left San Diego in 2016 she was named the top female athlete and most decorated high school runner of all time in San Diego. Now she is becoming at top Ivy League runner! 😆

She has worked hard for everything and can clearly see where she is going. 

One thing that we do before and after every one of her races; we discuss strategy and mindset. She still calls me today before and after every meet. If there is ONE thing I tell her before every race...”Don’t worry”, focus, run hard, have fun and learn from the experience! . . . win or no win

If you have a young athlete in your home and “THEY” WANT to be an athlete encourage them everyday to put in the work, envision being the best and have fun! It’s not about the win, it’s about finishing, learning and feeding their soul. My girl LOVES running and learning. I am so proud to step back and witness her greatness (win or no win). She’s amazing!...I’m NOT gonna 😭 😉...I'm not crying! 

  • PUT THE WORK IN. Listen to the coaches, learn why you are training the way you are and work hard.

  • LEARN. There are no mistakes in life. What happens is what happens. No one can turn back time so learn from what YOU think is a "mistake". Write it down. Practice not to do it again. MOVE ON.

  • HAVE FUN. The training is the hard part, the competition will be the fun part. Testing your skills, focusing on what you want and pushing through the negatives to get to the positives. This is what you worked hard for.

  • FEED YOUR SOUL. Sometimes you see other athletes work so hard but never get over the hump. They only do so much to get by. It's the athletes that are hungry for the win, they are hungry to feed their soul because their sport is everything. Those are the ones who succeed, whether they win or not, they are happy with who they are and how their hard work paid off.




The day after Christmas

I went for a nice, medium size run in Los Angeles. I was there visiting my sister. I lived in Los Angeles 10 years ago for nearly 14 years and it's nice to go back from time to time. On this particular run, right before I hit my last mile, I happened to look down and see the words "You are Beautiful". Of course, I had to stop, take a picture, soak it in and then share! This little painted circle with one little phrase really made day.

This past year hasn't been so beautiful for me. In fact, for the past year I have been told in several different ways that I am not so beautiful through conversations, texts and emails. There were days where it hurt and other days where it was just a Tuesday...because I had become so use to the negativity.

Now, as you know, beauty is not just skin's all about how you feel inside. Your personality, your presence and what you show to others; that's what makes you beautiful. Some days are not so great but that doesn't mean the beauty from within YOU has to die.

To be beautiful...

  • Take care of yourself from the inside out. Eat the right foods, fuel your mind with positive and encouraging books, music and words. Keep your body at it's best and remember, everybody bodies is different so...
  • Be YOU! Embrace who you are and live with a purpose. Allow your purpose to change and grow with you. Know who you are and what you want out of life and...
  • Don't let anyone dictate who you are. Social media, friends or even family members. You are the only person who holds your happiness in the palm of your hands. You happiness is not in half of someone else, that's ALL YOU, BOO! So own it.
  • Surround yourself with beauty. Art, words, scenery or a beautiful environment. The beach is the ULTIMATE for me. Scared to get in it and live near it but I absolutely love going to the beach and soaking in all of it's beauty, mainly because the beach is also so POWERFUL. 

Whatever beautiful is to you, make sure it is a part of your life. Welcome beauty into your life, no matter how big or small it may be. The light from a candle, a small detail in a painting or the beauty of laughter...they can all bring the love for beauty deep into your heart and make life better and more beautiful.  


Fueling your Young Athletes

If you have active kids, you are probably knee deep in kids sports. The practices, the traveling schedule, carpools and making sure they have all their gear ready for game day. It all adds up but the one thing parents tend to fall short on is what those little gremlins need to eat before, during and after the game.  Kids have to be properly fueled in order to play at their best. Below are some quick tips to fuel the athletes in your house and it's worked for my girls for over 10 years!


Feed your young athlete approximately 1-2 hours before competition.  

This gives the body plenty of time to digest and feed their little muscles. If time is of the essence, a quick protein snack 25 minutes before practice or a game will work too!

EARLY Saturday games = Bed time the night before is a bit earlier so they can rise and shine to fuel their bodies well before the game.

Early to Mid-afternoon games= Healthy breakfast (scrambled eggs, whole grain toast and grapes) and lunch (good old fashion PB&J or half a turkey sandwich w/spinach, mustard and a slice of cheddar cheese).

Late-afternoon games= Light afternoon snack (peanut butter and crackers, low sugar protein bars or fruit with crackers/bread)

Evening sports=  Nothing heavy. Again, simple sandwiches without a lot of dressings and a side of carrots would be perfect before a late game. 

Good food choices include the following:

  • Whole grain breads, pasta, cereal, bagels and even pancakes.  
  • A modest amount of low-fat protein in pre-game meals like low-fat milk, yogurt, an egg or chicken (grilled, not fried like high fat chicken nuggets) are great choices.  
  • Juices with low acidic levels, applesauce, grapes and bananas can keep kids moving throughout the game and particularly for the second half.    
  • Last, keep your kids hydrated.  Dehydration is uncomfortable, slows down performance and at times can be dangerous.  Here are suggestions I wish I had when I was a young athlete.

Pre-game: one to two cups of water (20-30 minutes before performance.

During the game: stay hydrated preferably with water or a low sugar sports drink.  Many sports drinks out there have too much sugar and can upset the stomach.   

After game time:  drink as much water as possible and refuel with a low sugar sports drink.  AVOID sports drinks that contain over 5% (approximately 14 grams) of sugar / soft drinks and juices can contain 10% sugar (about 25 grams).

You want your kids to be successful in sports, so start early and teach them how to take care of themselves by teaching them good eating habits on and off the court or field or "whatever they play on"! Happy Competition, Lil' Ones!

Good luck! Nic

Motivation Friday

I have seen it time and time again. People trying to get in shape to be someone they are not. It pains me to see it and to watch it unfold because at the end of the day, you are still you and the other person is who they are. With society feeding our heads with what is perfect and what is not, I understand why people feel the way they feel about themselves. Only if they could see themselves through someone else's eyes, it would make all the difference in the world.

I love watching people set goals that are realistic and smart. Taking each step at a time and understanding where they are right now, how they got there and how they will pull themselves out. This goes for life too. I am not perfect by any means. Marriage, relationships and motherhood are extremely challenging. I have not always been that person to set realistic goals for myself. I tend to get caught up in the "dream of things" only to fall flat on my face and having to start all over...a g a i n. 

Don't make that mistake. Understand who you are, where you are RIGHT NOW and map out a plan to get to the next level. When it comes to your physical fitness, if you are a couch potato, don't go out and run a marathon tomorrow to break yourself in. Take one step at a time, stretch, plan and execute with help from those who truly have your back.

When it comes to your body, feed it WELL and with good food. Don't abuse it with drugs, alcohol and bad food. This is the only body you have and in order to enjoy life, you need to be healthy, alert and strong. So, up those green vegetables, fruits, carbs, proteins and drink lots of water.

Last but definitely not least, take care of your spirit. Whether you are a believer or not, believe in yourself, take time to focus on you. Clear your mind of all the craziness in life for about 10 minutes a day. Breathe in and out, be at peace, pray, think of all the positive things in your life and start each day on a positive note. Love yourself first, so you can easily love others.

Remember, Fitness for the mind, body or soul is not about being someone else, it's about being better than you use to be. Happy Friday!


What Motivates You?


What motivates me?

Keeping up with two teenage daughters and being one step ahead of them. I have to be in shape to keep up with their busy schedules. "The runner-girl" and "the soccer-girl" are growing athletes, social butterflies and hard working students. So, my weekends and week nights are all about running from the soccer field to the track and back to the soccer field...literally! If you are a busy mom like me and have active have to stay in shape especially when your kids include you in their lives and activities. The way I see it, I only have so many days, weeks and hours left to be with these girls before they fly out on their if I have to run all over town for these big rug rats, that is exactly what I will do! #keepmoving #nevergiveup #workhardplayhard #lifeofanathlete

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Happy Mama Moment


Yep, that's my oldest, baby girl running the 800 meter dash at the Bronco Invitationals this past year. Nia is one of the top runners in the San Diego county and now the state. This past weekend, I had a #happymama moment when she ran the 800 meter dash and broke the Palomar League record! It's one thing to know your kid is trying to do great things but to see it is another.

I attend 98.9% of all of her track meets and record her races. I mainly record the races for my dad & mom, as well as, our entire Missouri family. My dad ran track, I ran track and now Nia, who hated running club track at 7 years old, is now running and doing amazing things! This past Saturday was the Palomar League Track and Field Finals and Nia was ready to run. My husband and I were both able to attend because there was no soccer this weekend and we didn't have to split our time...NEVER HAPPENS! We also had NO IDEA Nia was going for the Palomar League record of 30 years until it was announced she broke it and we read her article in the Pomerado News. WHAT?!?

We were both shocked, happy and amazed! Nia is a completely different kid at home but when she is on the track...WHOOOO? WHAAAT?!! She has also dealt with a series of injuries all season long and missed almost half of her meets this season. So, we were very unsure of this year's outcome on the track. 

I hope my readers don't mind this bragging post but I am proud of my girl...both my girls...their work ethic is solid and the desire to be at their best is amazing. My husband and I question our parenting skills every every hour (through text messages, emails and phone calls)! I'm not going to say we have it down but I THINK we are moving in the right direction. We have a LONG way to go but by putting God first and giving them the love they's working. So, we will keep moving forward with that plan and pray for the best!

Great job this weekend, Nia and GOOD LUCK going into CIF prelims this weekend!

Rancho Bernardo Track Team as a whole did a great job, had fantastic finishes and will be exciting to watch in the next two weeks! GO BRONCOS!

What motivates you? Motherhood motivates me!

Happy Mothers's Day!


What motivates me? My TEENAGE DAUGHTERS! I thought having a baby was hard, but no. Then I thought running around chasing after toddlers was CRaZy hard, but no. Being a mom of two teenage girls who are completely different IS the biggest challenge of my life! Luckily, I have two pretty awesome kids that work hard every day but like any other family, we definitely have our moments. We argue, disagree and plot each others death. . .but we push through and love hard! I truly believe that working out keeps my mind sane and helps me make rational decisions. I am not perfect at this parenting-thing but I can sling a couple of weights around to make my day feel a little better.

It is a scientific fact, exercise releases stress and helps you stay positive. Running is also a fantastic way to think problems out that will actually workout in the long run! Also, exercise is a great way of sharing mental strength, endurance and perseverance because that is what running and exercise is all about! So, dust of those sneakers, start moving and GEAR UP for all those teenage years! You are going to either need them to either run away or run right through those crumb-snatchers! LOL!

ps. Wine does not help!

Have fun and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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